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Kyohei Hamura (羽村 京平, Hamura Kyōhei) is an antagonist in Judgment. He is the captain of the Matsugane Family, a Tojo Clan subsidiary.


Hamura appears to be an egocentric person and appears to be the opposite of his patriarch: valuing force better than reason.


He wears a white suit over a black shirt, a pair of white dress pants and a pair of black leather loafers.



Hamura is initially suspected of murdering a Kyorei Clan yakuza, following an altercation between the himself and and two lesser Kyorei Clan members at Club Amour. The charges are successfully overturned by Masamichi Shintani, a lawyer from the Genda Law Office, along with the help of Yagami. Following his acquittal, Hamura warns Yagami to not to dig deeper about the case. With Yagami's refusal to drop the case, Hamura resorts to beating down Yagami at Cafe Alps. Yagami narrowly escapes death at the hands of Hamura and Kengo thanks to a masked man's interference. He orders Toru Higashi to raid Yagami's office in another attempt to intimidate him into backing down.

In an attempt to get back at Hamura for his suspected part in the Kyorei Clan murders, a Matsugane family member - thought to be Hamura by the killer - is shot and killed, which prompts Yagami eventually discovers Hamura's current whereabouts: a secret cho-han parlor in the Champion District.

Fighting style

Hamura makes use of a boxing-based fighting style. He is mostly seen utilizing guns as his primary weapon, as despite his position, he isn't particularly strong in hand-to-hand combat. He generally relies on his right hand man Kojiro Ozaki (and to a lesser extent, Kengo) when it comes to combat.


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