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Kyohei Hamura (羽村 京平, Hamura Kyōhei) is the tertiary antagonist in Judgment. He is the captain of the Matsugane Family, a Tojo Clan subsidiary, but due to his financial influence over the family he is effectively in control of it, with Mitsugu Matsugane, the actual patriarch, effectively being a figurehead.



Hamura has black slicked-back hair going slightly gray. He has a tall build.


Hamura wears a two-piece white suit over a black dress shirt, a pair of white suit pants, a white leather belt with a gold buckle, and a pair of black crocodile leather bit loafers with gold buckles. He has a Matsugane Family crest lapel pin in the lapel of his suit.

While gambling, Hamura wears a two-piece stand white tracksuit with black and gold paisley patterned stripe that runs from the shoulders down the sleeves. The sleeves of his jacket are rolled up, his jacket has a stand up collar, and he wears a black undershirt. He wears a gold watch on his left wrist.


Hamura appears to be an egocentric person and appears to be the opposite of his patriarch: valuing force better than reason. He is extremely smug and fails to crack under pressure and torture, but shows moments of weakness when his patriarch is harmed.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Judgment follow. (Skip)

Hamura and the Mole formed a criminal alliance. One day, he had approached Hamura saying that he was now open to taking hits for cash. It wasn't long before Hamura received a mark: Hashiki, the vice director of the ADDC. Hashiki was coming very close to the truth about AD-9, and one evening while he was out drinking with Shono, Hashiki got into an argument with a man in a black raincoat, later identified as the Mole. He was found beaten to the point of near death, succumbing to his injuries after being in a coma for 3 weeks. Hamura and the Mole would form a partnership with Kaoru Ichinose with Ishimatsu as an in-between, where the two would bring victims for AD-9 experiments, then dispose of the bodies.


Judgment: 2018-2019[]

Takayuki Yagami's initial encounter with Hamura

Hamura is initially suspected of murdering a Kyorei Clan yakuza, following an altercation between himself and two lesser Kyorei Clan members at Club Amour. The charges are successfully overturned by Masamichi Shintani, a lawyer from the Genda Law Office, along with the help of Takayuki Yagami.

Following his acquittal, Hamura warns Yagami to not to dig deeper about the case. With Yagami's refusal to drop the case, Hamura resorts to beating down Yagami at Cafe Alps. Yagami narrowly escapes death at the hands of Hamura and Kengo thanks to a masked man's interference. He orders Toru Higashi to raid Yagami's office in another attempt to intimidate him into backing down.

In an attempt to get back at Hamura for his suspected part in the Kyorei Clan murders, a Matsugane family member - thought to be Hamura by the killer - is shot and killed, which prompts Yagami eventually discovers Hamura's current whereabouts: a secret cho-han parlor in the Champion District.

Yagami and Kaito infiltrate the secret cho-han parlor in order to confront Hamura. Within a few minutes of arriving the group find Hamura at a cho-han table. After approaching him, a fight breaks out, resulting in Hamura's defeat. But before Yagami can get any information from him, members of the Matsugane family start the cho-han parlor on fire, snatching their captain before tossing a grenade at Yagami and Kaito. The two manage to duck behind the bar before the explosion, and they make their way out of the wreckage.

Yagami and Kaito later attempt to lure out Hamura by having Yagami show up at various Matsugane establishments, knowing full well that they were on the hunt for him. Eventually Hamura makes an appearance, along with Mastugane, an encounter which leads to Kaito being shot, and Yagami forced to infiltrate Mastugane headquarters in order to rescue him. After breaking into the HQ and defeating Hamura; Yagami, Kaito, and Matsugane bring the captain to Honmaruen. It is there that Yagami is able to interrogate Hamura about the Mole, in order to find him and prove Kazuya Ayabe's innocence, and stop the continual murders.

Hamura reveals everything to Yagami about the Mole, save his name. He reveals the Mole's beginnings as a member of the police, being mentored under an informant for the Tojo clan, as well as his involvement in Hashiki's murder. When Yagami was first examining the case, it was Kaito who suggested that the fact that the death didn't look like a hit meant it was done by a professional. Hamura also confirms Yagami's suspicions about the other murders; All of the victims whose eyes were gouged out had been experimented on by Yoji Shono, given a dose of AD-9 regardless of the fact that Shono knew it would kill them.

When the Matsugane Family rescue him at Honmaruen, the Mole appears to try and kill Hamura to silence him, and Mitsugu Matsugane sacrifices himself to save him. Following Matsugane's death and the Mole's escape, Hamura tells Yagami that the Mole is Mitsuru Kuroiwa, then goes into hiding. Days later, having had a change in heart from Matsugane's sacrifice, Hamura dresses in a black raincoat to take Yagami to the roof of the Yoshida Batting Center, where he gives him a phone evidence that would incriminate Ichinose.

During Ayabe's trial, Hamura testifies as a witness to confirm the evidence is valid.


Fighting Style[]

Hamura uses Yahata's moveset from Yakuza 5. His Deadly Attack is to rush at Yagami while delivering an uppercut.

He is mostly seen utilizing guns as his primary weapon, as despite his position, he is not particularly strong in hand-to-hand combat. He generally relies on his right hand man Kojiro Ozaki (and to a lesser extent, Kengo) when it comes to combat.


  • Due to Pierre Taki's drug-related charges, Hamura's model and voice were replaced for the Western release of Judgment.
  • It is strongly implied that Hamura does not have a back tattoo, as he was able to enter Sauna Goten when tattooed individuals are banned from entering certain public establishments in Japan.



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