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Lao Gui (老贵, Lǎo Guì/ラオスギ, Raosugi) is a major antagonist in Yakuza 0. Of Chinese origin, he is a highly effective professional hitman, the most expensive one in Asia, with none of his past targets surviving. During the events of the game, he is retained by the Dojima Family. He is the final boss for Goro Majima's storyline, and the penultimate boss of the game as a whole.

"Lao Gui" is most likely an alias, because it literally translates in Chinese to "old ghost" or "old demon".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He wears a dark gray shanghai collar shirt with matching pants and a pair of black leather shoes. Lao Gui's face has distinctive markings and wrinkles on it.

Yakuza 0[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Major plot details for Yakuza 0 follow. (Skip)

During Sohei Dojima's efforts to secure the Empty Lot in a ploy to ultimately become the next chairman of the Tojo Clan, due to his lack of trust of cheap hitmen, he hires the best hitman in all of Asia, Lao Gui. Although it is never explicitly confirmed, Tetsu Tachibana speculates that Lao Gui is the one who truly murdered Taichi Kurihara and framed Kazuma Kiryu for it, by making Kurihara's murder look like the work of an amateur - something only a professional would be able to do.

Much later on, Lao Gui was instructed to capture Tachibana alive in his current hideout, Little Asia. After Dojima's own men are defeated by Tachibana and Kiryu, Lao Gui shoots Kiryu from above, severely wounding him. Tachibana recognizes Lao Gui, commenting that he once saw him in the mainland, and describes him as the most effective hitman he is aware of. Realizing that attempting to flee from or fight the assassin is useless with Kiryu wounded, Tachibana surrenders to Lao Gui, who spares Kiryu as he is not a part of his orders.

He next appears atop the Sebastian Building along with Dojima and his men, where Makoto Makimura offers the Empty Lot to Dojima. Dojima rejects the offer due to Makimura's cooperation being unnecessary to his plans, and has Lao Gui shot her, before Dojima leaves the rooftop in a helicopter alongside his lieutenants and Lao Gui. As Daisaku Kuze later revealed to Kiryu, Keiji Shibusawa secretly, without Dojima's knowledge, instructed Lao Gui to shoot Makoto non-lethally, in order to allow Shibusawa to track down the movements of Makoto's rescuers.

Lao Gui then appears for a final time in the Dojima Family HQ. After Majima defeats Hiroki Awano, Lao Gui appears and Majima angrily remembers him as the one who shot Makoto. Lao Gui shoots at Majima, but Awano, impressed by Majima's resolve and strength, takes the bullets for him. Bloodied, beaten and shot, yet still alive, Awano charges at Lao Gui for interrupting his conversation with Majima, before being impaled and finally killed by several of the assassin's needles. Dojima walks in and tells Majima that because of him, Awano had to die and he must now also kill Shimano for his betrayal. Majima declares he will kill them both in retaliation for all they've done to Makoto. Dojima warns Lao Gui not to get careless and goes to his office.

Lao Gui fights Majima, and despite using a variety of weapons and highly agile martial arts, he is defeated. An enraged Majima is about to execute them both, before being dissuaded by Masaru Sera, who confirms Makoto's survival and his acquisition of the Empty Lot, foiling the schemes of Dojima. Sera announces that his organization would take custody of Lao Gui in order to keep him as leverage against the Dojima Family - he murdered several people on Dojima's orders, meaning his testimony could end Dojima quickly. Sera suggests that he'd have Lao Gui spend time in "the hole", the same torture site that Majima himself was tortured in.

Fighting style[edit | edit source]

Being an extremely skilled hitman, he has an excellent combat proficiency, skilled in both hand-to-hand combat and also a weapon specialist. He uses three types of weapons over the course of his boss fight: a set of throwing needles, a handgun, and a Chinese broadsword. For his hand-to-hand combat, he relies on a multitude of acrobatic attacks and precise combos, showing his high levels of agility.

In his character bios, Lao Gui is stated to be a master of every weapon there is, showing that he has a massive amount of combat experience.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Chinese version of Yakuza 0, Lao Gui has a different appearance modeled after and voiced by Hong Kong actor Sam Lee.
  • Lao Gui always speaks in Chinese, but he is clearly able to understand Japanese.
  • Lao Gui translates to 'Old Ghost'.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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