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This name is written in traditional Chinese order; the family name is Lau/Chau.

Lau Ka Long (劉家龍, Làuh Gā-lùhng/ラウ・カーロン, Rau Kāron), later known as Chau Ka Long (周家龍, Jāu Gā-lùhng/チャウ・カーロン, Chau Kāron), is a recurring character in the Yakuza/Like a Dragon series introduced as an antagonist in Yakuza. He is an underground arms dealer and the former leader of the Japanese branch of the Snake Flower Triad.



Lau is an aging man with long, black hair that he ties up in a ponytail, as well as a goatee and a large scar on the left side of his face. By 2019, his hair is let down and cut to shoulder-length.


As the leader of the Snake Flower Triad, Lau wears a tailor-made, white suit with ornate details over a purple mandarin collar shirt, white suit pants and matching white dress shoes. By 2009, he has installed a retractable knife in his right shoe.

By 2019, he wears black jeans and a black leather jacket over a grey shirt. He also sports a pair of sunglasses.


Lau bears a strong grudge against the Tojo Clan, particularly against Shintaro Kazama and Kazuma Kiryu. He also tends to look down upon the yakuza in general, regarding them as "not very smart." That being said, he is not opposed to doing business with them for financial gain, such as when he conspired with Futoshi Shimano to secure part of Kyohei Jingu's ten billion yen for himself.

Lau has been proven to be particularly vengeful, as his deep-seated hatred towards Kiryu lead to him kidnapping and attempting to kill Rikiya Shimabukuro, in retaliation for the former defeating him and the Triad four years prior.

Since becoming an arms dealer providing illegal weapons under the name Chau Ka Long, Lau always puts his clients to the test to see if they can be trusted. After Kasuga proves himself and becomes confident, he becomes willing to help him in battle, not wishing to lose a valuable customer.


Lau established the Snake Flower Triad's presence in Japan by taking over Yokohama's underworld during the 1980s due to its large Chinese population. As well as extorting local businesses for protection money, the gang also specialized in forging passports and travel documents for illegal immigrants. Lau established the Triad's headquarters in a large Chinese restaurant in the city.

Lau was a pupil of Granny White, a White Lotus school martial arts master, who kicked him and the rest of the Snake Flower Triad out of her dojo after Lau asked to be her successor.

In 1993, Kazuma Kiryu fell foul of the Snake Flower Triad after Lau found out that his Kazama Family were trying to muscle in on his passport forgery business. This resulted in him being tortured by the triad, until his patriarch Shintaro Kazama rescued him.


Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami: 2005[]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami follow. (Skip)
YakuzaKiwami 2019-05-16 22-42-38-30

Lau Ka Long with Haruka Sawamura as a hostage.

Lau conspires with Futoshi Shimano and Yukio Terada to get a sizable chunk of Kyohei Jingu's ten billion yen. He has Haruka Sawamura kidnapped through Bloody Eye to obtain the pendant she possesses, which is connected to Jingu's money. He sells the pendant to Akira Nishikiyama, but keeps Haruka, as her being Jingu's secret daughter is far more valuable than the money, and his yakuza conspirators had not realized her value.

Kiryu once again goes over to the Snake Flower headquarters in a Yokohama Chinese restaurant to rescue Haruka. Kiryu defeats Lau, but is swiftly arrested by Junichi Sudo, who arrives with a cohort of police officers. Lau's defeat proves to be a humiliating blow to the Snake Flower Triad and their operations in Japan.


The Snake Flower Triad form an association with Goh Hamazaki's Hamazaki Family to control Yokohama. In return, Hamazaki offers the Triad control of the proposed Okinawa resort.

Yakuza 3: 2009[]

The Snake Flower Triad kidnaps Rikiya Shimabukuro. Coming to Rikiya's rescue, Kiryu once again confronts Lau, who says the primary reason he teamed up with Hamazaki was to exact his revenge on Kiryu for humiliating him four years earlier. After Kiryu defeats Lau, his officers are about to execute Rikiya when they are both shot dead by the man Kiryu recognizes as the man who looks like Shintaro Kazama. The man then shoots Lau in the head before running off. The supposed death of Lau spells the end of the Snake Flower Triad's operations in Japan until 2016.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon: 2019[]

Lau is revealed to have somehow survived being shot in the head and has since been working as an underground weapons dealer in Ijincho under the name Chau Ka Long. Lau can only appear once the gambling hall is unlocked. Once it is, Iroha Yanagi will let Ichiban Kasuga know of the underground dealer and the password required to reach him. Kasuga gets to Zhou Long Distribution and is ambushed after providing the password. Lau then appears and asks to meet Kasuga near Kinka Bridge, having passed his test.

When they meet again, Lau asks Kasuga if he was part of a yakuza family, to which the latter replies that he was part of the Tojo Clan before. Lau muses about how Shintaro Kazama and Kazuma Kiryu were also in the Tojo Clan, and when asked if they were friends, Lau replies that he'd rather not be seen by the Tojo again, implying he does not know about the Tojo being severely weakened and driven out prior to their meeting.

After explaining the reasoning for his subordinates fighting him, Lau offers his services to Kasuga, under the condition that he never mentions this to anyone. Once Kasuga builds his confidence up, Lau decides to assist him in battle as a Poundmate, as losing him would be bad for business.

Fighting Style[]

Lau is a highly-skilled practitioner of the White Lotus style of polearm-fighting, of which he was taught by Granny White. He is also adept in Shaolin Kung Fu and the use of Chinese daoWP swords and claws.


Lau's boss fight is separated into four different phases: a guandaoWP phase, a hand-to-hand phase, a dual dao sword phase, and a second hand-to-hand phase. His attack trails are white, and his dodge aura is pale orange.


He starts off wielding a Chinese guandao polearm. His moveset consists of quick and powerful slashes and encorporates a number of kicks into his style. His attacks are listed as follows:

  • a Rush Combo made up of a polearm thrust, a 360° jumping downward slam, and another spinning jump followed by a low rightward horizontal slash;
  • a low leftward horizontal slash,
  • a charged lunging polearm thrust,
  • a left side kick,
  • a right rolling thunder kick as a running attack, and
  • a spinning right heel kick as a guard reversal.

Whenever Lau is disarmed, he takes on a hand-to-hand approach to combat. He uses Northern Shaolin Kung Fu as his fighting style, attacking mainly with palm strikes and flip kicks, and performing butterfly jumps to dodge incoming attacks.

He has three combos, which are listed as follows:

  • a Rush Combo consisting of a lunging left backfist, a spinning left lunge punch, and a lunging double palm strike;
  • another combo consisting of a left downward palm strike, a lunging left palm strike, and a right rolling thunder kick; and
  • a spinning left high side kick-right rising kick combo.

His other attacks include the following:

  • a charged right lunging palm strike,
  • throwing three kunai knives (4th phase only),
  • his running attack,
  • two grab attacks, including:
    • a right knee strike-jumping right knee strike (2nd phase only), and
    • a Heat Action where he performs two right knee strikes and a jumping right spinning push kick (4th phase only);
  • a left backhand knockback as a guard reversal, followed by a spinning double palm strike; and
  • a left front flip kick as a downed attack (4th phase only).

Lau's unarmed moveset is reused by Sotaro Komaki in the same game.

Dual Dao[]

One of his henchmen will throw him a pair of dao swords, commencing phase three of the fight. His attacks are as follows:

  • a Rush Combo made up of a right-dao downward slash, an double-doa outward slash, and a spinning double-doa rightward horizontal slash;
  • a second combo, consisting of a double-doa upward diagonal left-right slash, and three spinning double-doa upward diagonal right slashes;
  • a leaping double-doa outward slash, and
  • a right-dao upward slash as a guard reversal.

Lau's dual dao moveset is reused by Jo Amon in both Yakuza and Yakuza 2.

Yakuza 3[]

Lau's boss fight is split into three phases, similar to his fight in Yakuza. For his first two phases, he once again makes use of a guandao and kung fu, but his movesets are greatly expanded and have more variety. His final phase, however, sees him wielding a pair of claw gauntlets instead of dao swords.


Lau's quandao moveset differs greatly from the one he used in Yakuza, possessing a larger number of attacks and revolving mainly around fast combos. He also uses some of Hozoin In'ei's combos from Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan!, as well as his fighting stance.

His combos include the following:

  • In'ei's thrust-rightward slash-leaping slam combo,
  • In'ei's pommel strike-hopping pommel strike-side kick combo,
  • an unbroken combo, consisting of two downward twirls, a right tornado crescent kick, and a twirl into a leftward horizontal slash; and
  • a second unbroken combo, consisting of a leftward horizontal slash, a spinning low leftward slash into a butterfly jump, and a one-handed rightward slash.

The rest of his moveset consists of:

  • Hozoin Inshun's front flip one-handed thrust as a running attack (unused),
  • twirling his polearm after guarding against an attack,
  • a one-handed rightward slash-downward diagonal right twirl as a guard reversal, which can stun Kiryu;
  • In'ei's leaping slam as a downed attack, and
  • a taunt where he holds his polearm above his head, twirling it three times.

Lau's polearm moveset is reused by many spear-wielding enemies in the Battle Dungeons in Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin!, and Like a Dragon: Ishin! by extension.


Lau switches to hand-to-hand fighting after losing approximately one third of his health. He reprises much of his old attacks from Yakuza with updated animations, as well as having a plethora of new ones. His moveset is comprised of:

  • his combos from Yakuza,
  • a combo made up of a stomping left hammerfist and a right straight palm strike command grab, followed by him grabbing Kiryu's head and performing a jumping right knee strike;
  • a charged right straight palm strike,
  • a right high spinning heel kick,
  • a right butterfly kick,
  • his running attack from Yakuza,
  • a turning right hook kick as a roundhouse attack,
  • a double front kick as a guard reversal,
  • three grab attacks, including:
    • a charged right lunging palm strike as a front grab attack,
    • his knee strike grab attack from Yakuza, and
    • a generic jiu-jitsu enemy rear grab attack from Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan!; and
  • a taunt where he stands upright and beckons Kiryu with his left hand.

A watered-down version Lau's unarmed moveset is used by many generic enemies in later Yakuza games, as well as Granny White in Yakuza Kiwami 2.


After approximately two thirds of his health has been depleted, Lau will brandish a pair of four-clawed gauntlets. His fighting style a number of claw-slashes, kicks and flips. His attacks are listed below:

  • a combo consisting of a diagonal downward left double slash, a spinning diagonal downward left double slash, and a left-claw upward vertical slash;
  • another combo consisting of a rapid left backhand slash-right hook slash-low left backhand slash-butterfly kick, a crouching right hook slash (used), and a lunging double thrust command grab, followed by him ripping his claws out horizontally (unused);
  • a double rightward horizontal slash-spinning rightward horizontal slash,
  • a front flip double diagonal downward slash,
  • his butterfly kick,
  • his running attack,
  • a jumping double downward slash as a guard reversal, and
  • a taunt where he holds up his right claw and beckons Kiryu.

Lau immediately enters Heat Mode when his last phase begins, in which he emits a navy blue aura. He will sometimes initiate a QTE Heat Action where he assaults Kiryu with a barrage of slashes and kicks, making use of a concealed knife in his right shoe.

Yakuza Kiwami[]

Lau's fight has not changed too significantly from the original Yakuza. His health-recovery state can only be broken with the Essence of Extreme Brawler Heat Action.

He emits an amber yellow aura in Heat Mode. His weapon attacks have light orange trails, and his non-weapon attacks have neon yellow ones.


Lau uses the Ishin! spear enemy variant of his Yakuza 3 moveset, which lacks his taunt and guard reversal, but includes Hozoin Inshun's front flip thrust as a basic attack. His downed attack also doubles as a basic attack.


Lau uses a smaller version of his unarmed moveset from Yakuza 3. He no longer has his roundhouse attack, command grab combo, grab attacks or guard reversal. His front flip kick functions as a basic attack instead of a running attack.

If he grabs Kiryu, he can instead use a Heat Action where he performs Naoki Katsuya's command grab combo.

Dual Dao[]

Lau uses Shun Akiyama's kali stick stance and guard pose when wielding his broadswords. His moveset is comprised of attacks taken from several different characters. These include:

  • Akiyama's kali stick combo,
  • Kiryu's kali stick heavy from Yakuza 3 through 5,
  • Akiyama's kali stick special attack,
  • Kiryu's kali stick special attack from Yakuza 3 through 5,
  • a right-dao leftward slash-spinning right-dao rightward slash-double outward slash,
  • Lao Gui's leaping 360° slash attack from his pistol and broadsword phase,
  • Taiga Saejima's Knock Back guard reversal,
  • Takechi Hanpeita's right/left dodge attacks from his Wild Dancer phase, and
  • Takechi's downed attack from his Wild Dancer phase.

Lau's broadsword moveset is reused by Hiroshi Hayashi for his dual-pipe phase in Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon[]

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  • Lau is mentioned in the Yakuza 4 substory A Doctor's Pledge.
  • In Yakuza 6, a photo of Lau can be found in Little Asia, and exploring other areas of it will cause his "ghost" to appear when Kiryu takes a photo there.
  • The password required to reach Lau in Yakuza: Like a Dragon is "Lau Chau Chau Ya" (らうちゃうちゃうや, Lit. "It ain't Lau, it's Chau").


  1. The given birth year of 1957 is an estimate based on Lau's age and is not intended as a substitute for an official date.


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