Little Asia (アジア街, Ajia-gai, lit. Asia Town) is a ghetto for Chinese and other mainland Asian immigrants located in the middle of Kamurocho. It was originally a run down area of small shops and restaurants with a narrow alley running through the middle. in Yakuza 6, the area has been renovated by the Saio Triad.

Yakuza 0[edit | edit source]

The Asia District is home to Elder Chen, who agrees to keep Tachibana safe here from the Tojo Clan due to his Chinese heritage, but not Kiryu. This is the area where Lao Gui shoots Kiryu and takes Tachibana away.

Yakuza 4[edit | edit source]

Much of Masayoshi Tanimura's story arc takes place here due to his mixed upbringing. His foster father owns a restaurant named Homeland.

Yakuza 6[edit | edit source]

The area has been redeveloped by the Saio Triad under the leadership of Big Lo. When Yuta Usami learns that he is Lo's son and thus heir to the Triad, he sets fire to Lo's office and traps them in there to try and kill them both, before Kiryu forces him to leave. The fire then consumes the rest of the district.

Judgment[edit | edit source]

As of December 2018, the area is still closed for renovation after the fire. Takayuki Yagami can nonetheless enter by jumping over the construction barriers. Inside, there is a shogi player that Yagami is able to play against (only at night), as well as a smoking area.

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Yakuza 4[edit | edit source]

Alley Vendor (Near Homeland)[edit | edit source]

Image Name (¥) Description
Tauriner 200 This is Tauriner. It only charges up HEAT a little.
Tauriner + 700 Tauriner + will charge up your HEAT fairly well.
Sake 600 This large bottle of Sake will really warm you up.

Alley Vendor (Near South Entrance)[edit | edit source]

Image Name (¥) Description
Staminan X 800 Staminan X slightly charges up your HEAT and recovers health.
Staminan XX 2,200 Staminan XX charges up your HEAT and recovers health.
Staminan Royale 7,800 Staminan Royale will recover a lot of your health and HEAT.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The area is inaccessible for most of Yakuza 0 and Yakuza 4.
  • As seen in the picture above, the area features a squatting toilet. These have mostly fallen out of use in Japan with the introduction of the country's (in)famously high-tech sitting toilets, but are still commonly found in mainland Asia.

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