What you want?
— Long Hua to Majima, Yakuza 0

Long Hua is the proprietress of the Dragon and Tiger weapon shop along with her husband Fei Hu. She is the character's interaction point for the weapon creation side-game.

Yakuza 0Edit

Long Hua tells Majima that she is the one who runs the weapon business itself, whilst her husband makes the weapons, as well as occasionally cooking. Interacting with her brings up the weapon creation menu, where Majima can send out an agent to look for parts, create new weapons, repair/reload existing weapons, and sell weapons and items.


Long Hua is a medium-sized woman who wears her hair in a ponytail with a fringe to one side. She wears a lilac cardigan over a green shirt, a beige skirt, and a pair of black heeled shoes.



  • The name Long can be translated as Dragon, whilst the Hu in her husband's name can be translated as Tiger, hence the name of their establishment.
  • Long Hua's character model is just a standard pedestrian model.
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