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Black Sheep (群れの裏切り者, Mure no Uragirimono, lit. "Traitor Amongst the Flock") is the first chapter of Lost Judgment.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Lost Judgment follow. (Skip)

The beginning of the game opens with what appears to be an emergency call. A group of firefighters respond to what they originally believe to be a prank before they discover that there is an actual body.

December 6, 2021, the trio of Takayuki Yagami, Masaharu Kaito, and Keiko Hamada sit in a van outside of Ivy Burger performing a stakeout. Keiko believes that Kosuke, her boyfriend, is in the restaurant. Yagami and Kaito try to figure out the exact details about if Keiko's boyfriend is running a scam. As they try to figure out the details, Kosuke leaves the restaurant and Yagami decides that his best course of action is to follow him. Kosuke quickly meets up with another girl Sakura and Yagami makes sure to take a photo for evidence. Sakura reveals that Kosuke hasn't been frequenting the club lately and that many of the girls are missing him. Yagami realizes that Sakura is not a threat and decides to continue to follow Kosuke. While trailing Kosuke, Yagami encounters a group of pissed off street punks who have an agenda with Yagami. After defeating them, Yagami once again spots Kosuke and must continue following him. Kosuke mentions that he has to get money and Yagami decides it's best to get evidence of how he gets his money. Yagami acquires this evidence by taking a photo of Kosuke using the ATM in the Poppo on East Shichifuku Street. After seeing the amount of money that is withdrawn, Yagami gets extremely suspicous about what Kosuke is spending this money on. Yagami then sees Kosuke enter a building,, howeer when he tries to follow he is confronted by a guard who tells him that he can't enter. Yagami must then use Investigation Mode to find an alternative entrance to this building. After finding an alternative entrance, it is up to Yagami to find a way to sneak into the building via Parkour.

Once in the building, Yagami realizes that he still has two more floors to go to get to Kosuke. However, before he can get there he is confronted by two men who tell himi that he needs a membership to enter the tatami room. The two men quickly reveal that this is all a ruse though and that the building doesn't actually require cards. However, as a result they can see that Yagami isn't suppose to be here and they confront him. After defeating the henchmen, Yagami must continue through the building without being spotted.

Upon reaching the fifth floor, Yagami finds Kosuke playing a game of Cho-han. After seeing Kosuke in action, Yagami can confirm that Kosuke is playing Keiko for her cash. Yagami and Kaito decide to get to the bottom of this situation immediately and Yagami decides to directly confront Kosuke. Kosuke tries to intimidate Yagami by saying that he is aligned with the Tojo Clan, but this has little effect as Yagami knows that it's not true. After defeating Kosuke in a fight, Yoshiro who runs the tatami room also challenges Yagami to a fight. After this battle, Kosuke attempts to run away from Yagami which leads to him having to chase him down. After finally capturing Kosuke, Kaito and Keiko appear while Yagami reveals to everyone that he is also a lawyer. Kaito proceeds to put Kosuke into a van, where he tries to plead with Keiko and say that everything is a mistake. Unfortunately, Kosuke isn't able to keep his scams straight and reveals to her as Yuko. Yagami demands that Kosuke calls the bar and settles the debt issue for Keiko. Kosuke calls the bar and the shady bar owner reveals his part of the scheme. Before proceeding to go after the bar owner though, Yagami agrees that it's best to take Keiko to the Genda Law Office for her protection.

At the Genda Law Office, Yagami asks if Keiko can stay there for awhile. Genda agrees. Ryuzo Genda reveals that currently Saori Shirosaki and Issei Hoshino are at the courthouse working on a big case that spread through the Internet. It was a case that involved groping that was done by a policeman.

In the courthouse, the proceedings of the trial where Akihiro Ehara is set to receive his sentence take place. Ehara believes that he is going to be found guilty no matter what and hints at something more devastating happening.

Once again, Genda is talking about how the verdict should happen today. Genda also reveals that this case seemed to fall into their hands after the Kamuro PD couldn't get Ehara to agree to an early retirement. After talking to Genda, Yagami decides his next action is to talk to Kaito about everything that has gone down so far.

Kaito and Yagami proceed to bring Kosuke to the outside of the bar with the intention of confronting the bar owner. Before they can proceed with this plan of action Yagami receives a call from Fumiya Sugiura. Sugiura reveals that he has also started his own detective agency that is located in Yokohama alongside Makoto Tsukumo. He reveals that they have a pretty big case that they need help with. Back in the bar, Kaito and Yagami immediately confront the owners about their actions. After defeating the Shady Bar Owner, Yagami once again returns to Genda Law where it is revealed that he recovered Keiko's money from the owner.

Back at the courthouse, the judge is finally ready to reveal the verdict. Ehara receives the sentence of six months of penal servitude. After receiving his sentence, Ehara reveals the information that three days earlier a body was found in a Yokohama warehouse. He reveals that the body was somebody named Hiro Mikoshiba. Mikoshiba apparently led Ehara's son to commit suicide four years earlier. This announcement totally catches the defense council by surprise.

After a long night, Kaito and Yagami decide that their best course of action is to return to Yagami Detective Agency. While resting at the agency, Yagami decides to finally call back Suguira and see when the two of them should meet. They agree to meet the following day in Isezaki Ijincho. The prologue ends.

Yagami and Kaito arrive in Isezaki Ijincho and head to Yokohama 99 in order to meet up with Suguira and Tsukumo. While heading towards Yokohama 99, Yagami and Kaito come across a man who looks like he needs help as he is being harassed and recorded by a group of students. After defeating the students, Yagami hands the phone over to the restaurant owner and tells him that he can do with it as he sees fit. The restaurant owner reveals that the students were from Seiryo High School and that they were the only people who were willing to intervene. He also rewards Yagami with a Wristband.

After this interaction, Yagami and Kaito once again must continue making their way to Yokohama 99. Upon arriving at Yokohama 99, Kaito and Yagami are extremely impressed by the set-up of their offices. Suguira and Tsukumo decide to arrange a briefing to update Yagami and Kaito. They go on to mention that their biggest problem has to deal with bullying. They also go on to say that their client is in charge of a school of 600 students and that they want to sort out all cases of bullying. They decide to discuss this issue further by having dinner in Chinatown at Kyoinro. Unbeknownst to them, the chairman of Seiryo High Yuzo Okuda is also joining them for dinner. Okuda believes that prevention is the key to stopping bullying. Tsukomo reveals that their plans involve setting up cameras in the areas that bullying is likely to happen and that the less people who know about these cameras the better. Yagami begins to ask Okuda questions about the school and realizes that there was not only a suicide that took place four years ago, but that there is also a missing student teacher. He begins to wonder what exactly is taking place at Seiryo High. After making formal introductions, Yagami and Kaito then prepare to enjoy the celebratory introduction meal. After the feast, the group decides to call it for the night and rest.

Suguira then suddenly freaks out over receiving a second skateboard. Apparently he won two auctions and received a second Blue Tribal skateboard that he wasn't planning on. He decides to give the skateboard to Yagami in promise of a future payment. Tsukomo wants a figure that recently went on sale at Ebisu Pawn and doesn't want to deal with a reseller. However, he doesn't believe that he can get there in time and this sets up the side case Skateboard Detective vs. The Reseller where Yagami has to go and pick up the "Love Star" figurine. After completing this side case, Yagami decides that the only thing to do is to rest up before the next morning.

The following morning the group puts on their Work Clothes before hopping in a taxi to head to Seiryo High School. Once disguised as repairmen, the group begins studying the school's layout by starting in the schoolyard. The group then decides that they must spread the twenty security cameras throughout the campus. While installing the cameras, Kaito and Yagami notice the same group of students who harassed the restaurant owner earlier entering classroom 2-2. They decide that this is the perfect spot for them to install a camera. Upon entering the classroom, the teacher Yoko Sawa explains that she wasn't notified that there would be any repairmen coming into her classroom today and she wonders who sent them. After installing the last camera in this classroom, Tsukomo calls and wants to meet in the gymnasium to talk about their plans going forward.

After reviewing camera footage from the gymnasium, Yagami and the others finally notice their first bullying incident. It involves the same group of bullies from class 2-2. Yagami decides to head to this classroom to directly see what is going on. Yagami decides to observe the bullied girl to see exactly how she is doing. Yagami also observes that the students wrote "slut" on her hand in permanent marker. After observing the bullied girl, Tsukomo says that Yagami should join him in meeting the chairman.

In the chairman's office, Yagami is surprised that Sawa is also joining the group. Okuda quickly reveals to her that all of the men here aren't actually repairmen and that they are actually detectives. Sawa finally sees the bullying directly and reveals that all of the students are in the basketball club. Yagami then details that his plan to solving the bullying issue is to give the bystanders a voice to be heard. After school ends, Yagami decides to install speakers in the classroom - however, before he can do this Tsukomo calls and tells him that there is an issue with one of the cameras. Yagami must then investigate what is going on with the camera.

While investigating the camera, Yagami realizes that a sticker has been placed over it and a girl approaches him accusing him of being the pervert who has installed cameras throughout the school. Yagami must quickly escape the P.E. Teacher who is trying to confront him. Yagami, however, is steadfast in insisting that he still installs the speakers before he makes his escape. After escaping the guards and making his way back to classroom 2-2, Yagami installs the speakers. Before Yagami can exit the classroom, a group of students led by Matsui enter the classroom. They want answers for what Yagami is doing in their school and think of him as nothing more than a pervert. Yagami must teach these students a lesson. After defeating these students, Tsukomo tells Yagami that now is the time that they need to leave the school and that they should all regroup back at Yokohama 99.

Back at Yokohama 99, the group talks about what happened during their trip to the school before deciding they they've done what they could for the night. The group then decides to take a break until morning.

The following morning begins with the group once again returning to Seiryo High School. When Yagami arrives to the school, a scene plays that shows Mami Koda once again being bullied by Matsui and the others. By using the installed speakers in Koda's desk, it appears that the rest of class is standing up to the bullies. With the rest of the class standing up to the bullies, they decide to storm off. Yagami then goes on to tell the chairman about the Bystander Effect.

After resolving the bullying issue, Yagami receives a call from Saori Shirosaki. She needs help with something urgently back in Kamurocho. She mentions the case of the missing student teacher Hiro Mikoshiba. She also mentions that Akihiro Ehara, who she defended, apparently knew about the death of Mikoshiba before the police did. Shirosaki believes that there has to be more to the connection to the murder. She wants Yagami to dig further into the Mikoshiba murder and the connection between Ehara. Shirosaki wants Yagami to investigate more people at Seiryu High School to see if anybody will give more details about the disappearance of Mikoshiba.


Chapter 01: Black Sheep Tasks
Time Location Task Reward
Money SP
Noon Shichifuku Street, Kamurocho Tail Kosuke ¥300 100
Never judge a book by its cover. Let's tail Kosuke-kun and find out just what type of guy he is.
Noon North Senryo Avenue Kamurocho Find a Way to Sneak into the Building ¥300 100
Why would Kosuke-kun be at such a shady place? It's the perfect chance to see his true colors. Now if I can just make my way in without getting spotted...
Noon North Senryo Avenue, Kamurocho Sneak into the Building ¥500 100
Scaling walls is my specialty. Plenty of footings, too. Time to strut my stuff.
Noon Office Complex (3F), Kamurocho Defeat the Thug ¥500 100
I can't believe I got duped by this idiot. Don't wanna cause a scene, so I better shut him up!
Noon Office Complex (3F), Kamurocho Head Upstairs without Getting Spotted ¥300 150
Kosuke-kun's supposedly in the tatami room on the 5th floor. The entire building's on high alert after my presence became known. Can't afford getting caught now.
Noon Pink Alley, Kamurocho Defeat Kosuke ¥300 100
Trying to threaten me with the Tojo Clan? Not exactly the behavior of a model student.
Noon Pink Alley, Kamurocho Defeat Kosuke and the Others ¥1,000 300
I have no business with these guys from the tatami room, but if they wanna fight, who am I to turn them down?
Noon Pink Alley, Kamurocho Catch Kosuke ¥300 200
Seeing him run only makes me want to chase after him harder. Hey, hold up!
Noon West Shichifuku Street, Kamurocho Go to Genda Law Office ¥100 100
I can't take Keiko-san to that bar. I'll have her lie low at Genda-sensei's place for a bit.
Noon Genda Law Office, Kamurocho Talk to Genda ¥100 100
Genda-sensei's here all alone. Maybe Saori-san and Hoshino-kun aren't here because they're on a big case or something. I wonder...
Evening West Shichifuku Street, Kamurocho Talk to Kaito ¥100 100
Time to meet up with Kaito-san and get Keiko-san's money back from that shady bar owner, who's supposedly ex-Tojo.
Evening Shady Bar, Kamurocho Defeat the Owner of the Shady Bar ¥3,000 350
Figured talking was pointless. This ex-yakuza bastard tried to trick a girl and sell her off. I've got no reason to hold back!

  • Head to Yokohama 99.
  • Teach the Punks a Lesson.
  • Head to Yokohama 99.
  • Go to Kyoniro.
  • Rest up on the Couch.
  • Go to Seiryo High School.
  • Set Up Cameras Around Campus.
  • Head to the Gymnasium.
  • Head to Class 2-2 on the 2nd Floor.
  • Go to the Chairman's Office on the 3rd Floor.
  • Check the Camera by the 2nd Floor Staircase.
  • Escape to Safety.
  • Head to Class 2-2 without Getting Spotted.
  • Set Up the Speakers.
  • Punish the Rowdy Students.
  • Return to Yokohama 99.
  • Rest up on the Couch.
  • Go to Seiryo High School.

Related trophies/achievements[]

Icon Name Description Trophy Status (PlayStation) Gamerscore (Xbox)
LJ - Trophy - The Game is Afoot.png The Game is Afoot Resolved Keiko's dilemma. Bronze 15G
LJ - Trophy - The First Penguin.png The First Penguin Stopped the bullying at Seiryo High School. Bronze 15G