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Vicious Cycle (殺された加害者, Korosareta Kagaisha, lit. "The Slain Assailant") is the second chapter of Lost Judgment.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Lost Judgment follow. (Skip)

Saori Shirosaki hires Yagami to investigate Akihiro Ehara's connections to the death of Hiro Mikoshiba where Ehara held Mikoshiba's responsible for drive his son to suicide four years ago. With only thirteen days to finish his investigation, Yagami goes to Seiryo High School, where Ehara's son studied before his death.

Yagami questions Seiryo High's chairman Yuzo Okuda about Mikoshiba's disappearance. Okuda asked did something to Mikoshiba which Yagami answer that he cannot give any detail and that will tell him what happen to Mikoshiba the time is right. Yagami ask about Mikoshiba about him droving a student to suicide four years prior due to bullying. Okuda answer that it was put to rest and that the court found no evidence of bullying. But Yagami point out that Okuda has doubt about that and hired detectives to look in deeper point out why Okuda would hired detective to monitor the student in secret, which he answer that it would reflect poorly to openly suspect any student and the issue of bullying be record and share online would cause a stir and that he would take the fall for it and that of couse he would op for secrecy. Yagami stated that it still doesn't answer why happening so he show Okuda the viral footage of Ehara's arrest as the reason Okuda's decision to take action against bullying, Okuda admits that publicly revealing Mikoshiba's case could cause public backlash against him and the school. He directs Yagami to Mikoshiba's teaching mentor, Yoko Sawa, for possible leads.

Upon arriving at the faculty room, Yagami realizes that Sawa isn't there. He takes this opportunity to search her desk for any relevant clues and information. On her desk, there is a photo frame that shows Sawa in her high school days, covering up another photo. When Sawa arrived she was surprise to see Yagami and question why he hasn't left the school which he answer he has question for her relationship with Mikoshiba as she was his teacher mentor Sawa question why does Yagami want to know about that. Yagami ask if she has notice anything unusual about Mikoshiba during his time as a student teacher which she answer she cannot say for sure and that Mikoshiba stop showing up one day as Yagami tried get clear answer but with no luck going with this approach so Yagami then asked what Mikoshiba was like as student and asked about a student committed suicide and noted how there were rumor that it was cause by bullying and that Mikoshiba's name came up as one of potential bullies, Sawa reveals that she doesn't think that Mikoshiba would have been the kind of person to be involved with bullying back when he was a student at the school and that Mikoshiba was a student with solid grades back them and during his training as a student teacher she was under impression that got along with the students just fine and explain that court rule out that the school was responsible for a bullying relate suicide. Sawa question why Yagami is stooping around as he was suppose to done with his business with the Chairman which he answer that he will leave he got the information about Mikoshiba. Yagami then ask if there anyone she particular closed to where she reveals that Mikoshiba was part of the basketball club back when he was a student. Yagami can't help but to notice that everything always comes back to the basketball club.

With Kaito's assistance in running the drone, Yagami decides to search out these particular students. He begins by heading to the school's gymnasium. In the gymnasium, Yagami runs into Mami Koda who he decides to talk about Mikoshiba with. Before Yagami can have this conversation, the rest of the basketball group breaks in with baseball bats and challenges Yagami to another fight. After defeating them in battle, Sawa shows back up and gives Yagami another earful. She says that he is not welcome in this school and that if he continues on in this manner - she will report him to the press. The chairman Yuzo Okuda calls and explains to Yagami that it would be difficult to continue his presence at the school. Yagami suggests that maybe he could become a teacher, but Okuda informs him that he would need a teaching license. Okuda then suggest the possibility for Yagami to be club adviser so Yagami decide find.

While trying to find a way stay at the school, Yagami runs into the student Kyoko Amasawa at the bulletin board. She accuses of being a pervert who is returning to the scene of the crime. She reveals that she has a staggering amount of evidence that can prove that Yagami was in the school a day earlier. Amasawa also treats this like a crime because she is part of the school's Mystery Research Club. Yagami, realizing that he is in deep trouble, decides that his best course of action is negotiating with the girl. By looking around, Yagami notices a flyer that says that the Mystery Rearch Club is looking for an advisor. Amasawa agrees that Yagami can be their advisor if he is able to pass her test. Yagami meets Amasawa's brother, Kento, who serves as the bodyguard of the MRC. Amasawa then tells Yagami that they have been dealing with a risque case as of late. The case involves a member of the dance club who is apparently in a "sugar baby" situation where she is dating a much older guy. The girl is also running a scam where she agrees to go further than dating and requesting large sums of money upforward. However, her latest person that she is scamming is violent and has mentioned threats like rape. Amasawa wants Yagami to infiltrate the dance club as their new advisor to find out information about the sugar baby and help the girl avoid any possible danger.

Yagami must then head to the gymnasium basement to meet the Dance Club. Amasawa takes the initiative of introducing Yagmi to the dance club captain, Sayaka Nishizono. Nishizono isn't set on having Yagami as an advisor until he watches their routine and begins to give her advice. Yagami believes that incorporating kung fu moves into the dance routine will make it a better routine. Yagami must then demonstrate what he means by dancing himself. The Dance Club is won over completey by Yagami's routine and ask him to come back. Not only was the dance club impressed, but Amasawa also is impressed by how quickly Yagami won them over. She decides to allow Yagami to be the advisor to the Mystery Resarch Club. Finally, Amasawa tells Yagami that he should come by their club in the future to help them solve more cases. Now that Yagami has a job within the school, he can continue his research of Mikoshiba. He decides once again to return to the gym to find the members of the basketball club.

Back in the gymnasium, Yagami begins questioning the basketball club about Mikoshiba. They reveal that he was an enthusiastic teacher and that Mami Koda was Mikoshiba's star pupil. The basketball club revealed that Koda didn't start playing basketball until high school and as a result Mikoshiba gave her special attention. They also reveal that there was a rumor that there might have been a relationship between Mikoshiba and Koda. Yagami decides that he needs to go and have another conversation with Koda.

Back at room 2-2, Yagami overhears a conversation taking place with Koda and other members of the basketball club. The group is harassing Koda about leaving the club. Koda reveals that she recognized that Yagami's voice was the one that stood up for her earlier. She thanks him for standing up to the bullies. After forming a tight bond with Koda, Yagami is approached by Akane to have a conversation and a new start with the members of the basketball club.

Yagami is suspicious about meeting them on the third floor, but since he needs more information about Mikoshiba, he has no other choice. It is an obvious trap and Yagami is confronted by a man who claims to have affiliation with the Yokohama Liumang. After defeating members of this group of students, Yagami jumps out the window to regroup. He still needs to catch the other members of the basketball club to find out about Mikoshiba. After once again, defeating them Matsui and Sakaki decide to finally talk about Mikoshiba. They once again reveal that Koda was the weak link of the team and that Mikoshiba challenged her the most. They also let Yagami know that Sawa was extremely cold to Mikoshiba and actually thought that he was a bully. This contradicts what Sawa told him earlier. Yagami now decides that he needs to press Sawa more to find out her true feelings.

Yagami heads back to the Faculty office and realizes that Sawa isn't there. He is told that she is currently in a meeting with the chairman. He uses this opportunity to get a closer look at the photo that he wanted to see earlier. Yagami notices that the photo is of a single male student. He wonders if it is Ehara's son. He has no other leads but to head to the chariman's office once again.

At the chairman's office, members of the Kanagawa Police are seen going into his office, alongside Sawa. The chairman figures out that Mikoshiba is no longer living.


  • Talk to the Chairman.
  • Head to the Faculty Room.
  • Check Sawa-sensei's Desk.
  • Head to the Gymnasium.
  • Talk to Koda.
  • Defeat these Punks.
  • Look for an "In" at the School.
  • Figure Out How To Get Out of This.
  • Go Along with Amasawa.
  • Meet the Dance Club.
  • Go to the Gymnasium.
  • Find Koda
  • Head to the Third Floor.
  • Defeat these Punks Again.
  • Look for Sawa-san.