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Double Jeopardy (フェイクニュース, Feiku Nyūsu, lit. "Fake News") is the fifth chapter of Lost Judgment.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Lost Judgment follow. (Skip)

Yagami and Tsukumo discuss the waves Mikoshiba's murder footage is making across the internet. Tsukumo brings up the possibility that the murder may be a case of revenge and the Ehara has some supporters online, though opinions overall very greatly. They also discuss the possibility that the video is a deepfake, but Tsukumo states he already ran tests and was unable to find any signs of it being edited, but it is too early to confirm its authenticity. He adds that it was posted the other night across multiple servers to not leave a digital trail. Yagami deduces that the murderer was the one who uploaded it because of the amount of attention to detail required to fake it.

Outside Genda Law Office, Yagami and Kaito meet Mafuyu, who tells them the videos caused the prosecution office to panic due to potentially making the legal system look like a joke. Inside, Mafuyu states she is there to spy on them, but Saori jokes she is there to see Yagami. Mafuyu states that although prosecution is reviewing the footage, they are firm in their stance that it is falsified due to Ehara already being convicted for sexual battery, and their reluctance to use a video from an unknown source. The stance is reinforced by Sadao Takano, who was the prosecutor during Ehara's trial. Additionally, both the Tokyo and Kanagawa police departments are unable to act until the footage is confirmed to be real, much to their displeasure. Due to this, Ehara avoids being considered a murder suspect. Yagami suspects that Ehara's plan was to be convicted for sexual assault to get away with murder.

Mafuyu leaves and their plan to interview Ehara is foiled as he requests to not speak to any lawyers and passes a message to them of any visit being a waste of time. Yagami muses that the video upload may have been planned and a conspirator may be keeping him up to date, which Hoshino states can only be done by a member of the force. Yagami then discusses the possibility that the groping was a setup, and states that the Ehara at the station may have been an impostor. Saori information about the victim, Yui Mamiya, but states they may not receive a warm welcome when they meet her.

Outside, Yagami and Kaito are assaulted by RK. With the amount of people after them, Kaito suggests visiting the RK hideout to ask a leader to call off the men. Their arrival was expected, but only Kaito is allowed in due to being a former Tojo Clan member. He states RK attracts ex-Tojo men because their ranking system starts everyone at F-rank, but ex-Tojo at B-rank. He also states that Kaito can join as an A-rank. Yagami waits outside, but after 10 minutes without Kaito returning, he decides to enter. Yagami provokes then knocks out the door guard, then sneaks into an overhead vent. While crawling, he notices a bartender with a similar profile to himself. He follows the bartender into the bathroom, then knocks him out to steal his clothes.

While disguised, Yagami is confronted by a member who is waiting on his drink, so Yagami brews a cocktail to put him to sleep. He sneak around the other members to a place where he can overhear the conversation between Kaito and Akutsu. Kaito states he has no interest in joining RK, but Akutsu tries to convince him regardless with the promise that they can become civilians after making enough money, a task made easy by not needing to give the Tojo Clan executives a cut of their earnings, though Kaito states one cannot truly leave the underworld after becoming a part of it. Yagami reveals himself and the duo defeat Akutsu's subordinates, at which point RK's leader Kazuki Soma arrives and accepts Kaito's request to withdraw his men, to Akutsu's disapproval. Yagami asks if Soma has a cold, but he replies he has a dust allergy his former superiors berated him for. Before Yagami leaves, he asks Soma if they found the man RK was looking for, and Soma replies the man is dead after suddenly disappearing from Kamurocho.

Outside, Kaito states RK is teaching its members of business tactics used by the yakuza, such as mugging. He also states they have 50 full-time members and a total of over 2,000 members if including other members. Saori calls, stating she learned Mamiya is living is East Ikebukuro and asks to head there with him. Kaito opts to stay behind. Yagami and Saori take place to the Mamiya residence, noting that she did not book an appointment because she would likely reject seeing her assailant's defense.

After some persuasion, the two gain an audience with Mamiya. She is reluctant to recount the events after already having done so several times, but she complies with their request and also states hoe scared and helpless she felt during the ordeal. She states she never lost sight of Ehara, but Yagami brings up the murder video and the contradiction it presents in what they know about the groping, but Yagami believes what she says and states it means the video was falsified.

Back at Genda Law Office, Yagami calls Kaito to check up on him before entering. Hoshino, Genda, and Saori discuss with Yagami about the video, and they feel it was Ehara's accomplice who uploaded it. Yagami thinks the purpose of the video was to make a mockery of the legal system by escaping a murder sentence. They approach the case as if the video was real - because approaching it as fake would mean they have no leads - and Yagami points out Ehara was not on camera the entire time dur to a blind spot in the surveillance system. Saori and Hoshino point out that too much is left to change if Ehara and his accomplices staged everything, but Yagami replies with the possibility that absolutely everything was planned - including appearing leaving events to chance. Yagami also states it is possible Mamiya was also an accomplice, as she could lie about never having lost sight of Ehara, and the plan being too risky if she was not a part of it. Saori counters that underwear fiber on Ehara works against that theory, but Yagami says there was time for evidence to be planted.

Because of the nature of the evidence and the reputation of the prosecutors, they can only treat the video as fake. Saori asks why someone in Mamiya's situation would do something so risky, and Yagami asks for more of Mamiya's background. Genda also adds that Mamiya's collaboration also ensures the incident became viral. Hoshino reveals Mamiya's background, during which Yagami recognizes the name of the high school she went to, Kurokawa Academy. A trio who spied on him was composed of Kurokawa graduates. Hoshino opens the Kurokawa Academy websites and Yagami recognizes the uniform as the same one worn by Yoko Sawa and her classmates in the picture on her desk.

Yagami, Saori, Hoshino, and Genda now have a lead: A connection to Kurokawa Academy between several involved parties.

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