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Converging Heat (収束熱, Shūsoku Netsu) is the sixth chapter of Lost Judgment.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Lost Judgment follow. (Skip)

At Genda Law Office, Yagami, Saori, and Hoshino review what they know: Mikoshiba's murder was a consequence of Toshiro's suicide, the murder footage was uploaded online, and Ehara had accomplices helping him with the murder. Ehara's stand-in stayed on the cameras for an hour before boarding the same train as Yui Mamiya, then the two swap places in the surveillance's blind spot after Mamiya is seemingly molested, who is also an accomplice. Yoko Sawa was the only person Toshiro told about his bullying, Mikoshiba's supervisor, and a Kurokawa Academy alumnus, like Mamiya and a trio who spied on Yagami. Saori speculates Sawa may have organized her former classmates to enact revenge, as she felt guilty of Toshiro's suicide. Hoshino finds a bullying-related suicide case for Kurokawa Academy. Mitsuru Kusumoto, son of the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health, whom Sawa previously mentioned. Kaoru Ichinose's arrest caused chaos which his successor could not quell, leading to Reiko Kusumoto's appointment. Kusumoto herself was made popular by her son's tragedy and is admired by the younger ministers. Mitsuru's bully was Shinya Kawai, and their homeroom teacher simply told Kawai "don't overdo it", causing him to be eviscerated by the public when Mitsuru attempted suicide. Yagami plans to talk to Sawa as soon as possible to verify her guilt.

Kaito wakes Yagami up at Yagami Detective Agency and states he believes Sawa is innocent, and requests Yagami to call him if he meets her outside of school. The duo arrives in Isezaki Ijincho and Kaito notices Akutsu and many RK thugs. Yagami suspects they have a mission in Ijincho, and the two part ways. Yagami talk to Sawa in the faculty office, and she states she saw the murder video. Yagami asks if Sawa knew Mamiya, maiden name Suzuki. She recognizes the maiden name of her former third year classmate, but is stumped by the theory that Mamiya was working with Ehara. He asks if they knew each other well, but they did not and Sawa did not meet any of her former classmates since high school. Sawa also did not attend the class reunion that took place shortly after she graduated from university, because she still remembered what they did to Mitsuru. He brings up the theory that Ehara and Mamiya may have collaborated due to the shard guilt of someone committing suicide, but a faculty meeting causes Sawa to leave. Yagami presses her for any information that could connect Ehara and Mamiya, but Sawa is in a hurry.

Yagami informs Saori of what he learned, and she reveals Hoshino discovered Kawai changed schools after the suicide attempt, then found work in Kamurocho later. He had built a reputation for talking about bullying a classmate to suicide. She sends a picture of him, and Yagami recognizes the man being the same girls' bar manager RK was looking for before they learned he was killed. Yagami also notices both Kawai and Mikoshiba both bullied someone to suicide and where murdered as adults. Saori asks Hoshino to look further into Kawai and she starts an investigation of her own by asking RK members. Hoshino offers to accompany her, but she declines.

Saori meets Jo Masuda and Mari at Bar Tender for any way to meet with RK members, and Masuda let Saori have a drink from Yagami's tab. Mari suggests Saori dress up, as she heard from Yagami of her hidden beauty. After Saori dresses up, Mari compliments her and advises her to have pride in her beauty by using her pride as a lawyer. Mari suggests walking down Senryo Avenue to attract any RK members, and accompanies her to also see how effective her makeover is. They lure out two RK thugs and Saori slowly gets information from them, learning that Kawai disappeared five years prior when confronted by around 10 old acquaintances and then taken in a van. Saori thinks to herself that old acquaintances may have been Kurokawa alumni, but she accidentally mentions Kawai's full name, causing one of the thugs to become suspicious. Before they can attack her, Toru Higashi arrives and knocks them out. Saori thanks him, but he is surprised by her knowing his name. When she reveals who she is, Higashi is shocked by how different she looks. Mari is wowed by Higashi and he offers to escort them, but Saori calls Yagami to inform him what he learned, though he is not picking up, causing Saori to be concerned.

The perspective is changed back to Yagami's just after he hung up from the call where he learned Kawai's appearance. He heads back to the faculty room after the meeting is over, but he is informed Sawa left during the conference after receiving a call that her apartment was broken into; a message Sawa requested be delivered to Yagami. A teacher tries to get in contact with her, but she does not pick up her phone. For privacy reasons, Yagami is not given her address or contact info. He meets with Okuda to get her address, explaining why she left the meeting. Okuda is reluctant to give her address, and to change his mind, Yagami bring up the murder footage and Ehara's motive for murder being linked to bullying at Seiryo High. Okuda states there was no evidence of bullying, but Yagami replies that Sawa was unable to testify the case. He then states that would be enough to anger Ehara, and implies Sawa may be killed by him. Okuda relents and Yagami ensures secrecy in the fact the chairman told him her address.

Yagami arrives at the third floor of Sawa's apartment complex, noting the tranquility of the site of a supposed break-in. At that moment, it starts raining and an another man arrives at the third floor: Jin Kuwana. In a car parked nearby, Soma notes the bait was successful and orders Akutsu to execute their plan.

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