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Blindsided (虜囚, Ryoshū, lit. "Captive") is the seventh chapter of Lost Judgment.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Lost Judgment follow. (Skip)

Yagami asks why Kuwana is at the apartment complex when Akutsu and his RK underlings emerge from Sawa's apartment, with more thugs arriving and having the duo surrounded. Kuwana clarifies he walked into a trap meant for him, not Yagami. Akutsu refuses to tell Yagami if anything happened to Sawa, and the duo fight their attackers. During the battle, Sawa peeks out with blood on her lip and offers to call the police. Kuwana says both of them should run, but Yagami tells him to go ahead as they are after him. Akutsu follows after Kuwana while his subordinates fight Yagami. Before he heads downstairs, Yagami tells Sawa to not open the door until police arrive, and tries to ask what her link to Kuwana is, though she remains silent.

Yagami fights through more RK members until he rejoins Kuwana and Akutsu at the ground floor. Another fight breaks out, during which Kuwana takes advantage of the chaos to escape. After Yagami defeats them a second time, Akutsu hold his phone up to show Soma having taken Sawa hostage, expressing surprise that Yagami is involved with her. While Yagami is distracted, an RK member hits him from behind with a bat and knocks him unconscious. Before they drag him away, they throw Yagami's cellphone on the ground to ensure he cannot be found through GPS tracking.

Yagami wakes up confined to a chair in a dusty building being confronted by Soma. He manages to avoid being stabbed by Soma's ice pick, at which point Soma states the victim must feel pain first to feel fear. He tells Yagami that he cannot lie, because he is perceptive enough to see through any acts. Soma asks how Yagami is connected to Sawa, and he says he is her colleague after he was asked to investigate a case at Seiryo High School. When Yagami asks how Sawa is, Soma states she is likely asleep. Soma also tells him that "Kuwana" is an alias, and deduces from Yagami saying he is a handyman that the two did not know each other very long. He asks him if he is familiar with his real name "Kitakata", which leaves him stumped. Soma concludes that Yagami does not know of Kuwana whereabouts, meaning he is no longer of any use. Soma leaves and the RK members beat him up; eventually, Akutsu takes out a chainsaw and asks an underling to cut and record him, but Yagami buys time by saying that the underling will be on the video, leaving no evidence of Akutsu. This angers him and he decides to but up Yagami himself, but Kaito and Sugiura arrive in time to save him. The three of them defeat the RK members, but Akutsu runs away before Yagami can gain answers from him.

They arrive back in Isezaki Ijincho, where during a call Saori reveals she informed Kaito that Yagami was not answering his phone, leading to Tsukumo checking camera footage all over town to find him. She also states Higashi was first to notice something was amiss. Saori lets him know that her investigation revealed Kawai worked in a girls' bar and was abducted five years prior by people thought to be his old acquaintances, and RK deduced he was dead by eyewitness reports of his sudden disappearance. Yagami tells her RK was after Kuwana, not Kawai as previously suspected, and he will ask Sawa about Kuwana.

When the trio reaches her apartment, they find the door unlocked, and see her room was ransacked. Yagami enters, and is greeted by the sight of Yoko Sawa's corpse with tears in her eyes, causing him to scream in anger.

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LJ - Trophy - All Are Punished.png All Are Punished Completed Chapter 7. Bronze 15G