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Phantom of Ijincho (異人町の怪人, Ijinchō no Kaijin) is the eighth chapter of Lost Judgment.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Lost Judgment follow. (Skip)

Sugiura calls the police to report Sawa's murder. Meanwhile, Kaito respectfully closes Sawa's eyes and Yagami states Soma killed her. He expresses his anger at her death, but Kaito makes him cool down and ask why she was killed, and Yagami informs them Kuwana's real name is Kitakata. They determine her cause of death to be an ice pick puncture wound on the nape of her neck, and see her door's bolt was cut. They decide to take her Kurokawa Academy yearbook, even though its legality is questionable, for any connections between the Kurokawa alumni. Sugiura is not pleased with stealing, but Kaito reminds him he used to be a thief.

Outside, the police arrive and Yagami talks to Watanabe, telling him Soma was the murderer and RK is involved. Sawa's death is estimated to be three hours prior, which Yagami notes is around the time he saw her being held hostage over video. Watanabe lets them leave, but Yagami asks if he will ask him about Ehara, but Watanabe replies his superiors ordered him to stay away from the Ehara case due to having to reverse a guilty verdict of sexual battery.

At Seiryo High School's gymnasium, Okuda announces Sawa's death to the students during an assembly. Yagami is summoned to Okuda's office and along the way, Amasawa meets him and asks for details. She offers to help his case, but he tells her it is too dangerous for her to get involved. Yagami also tells her to carry on like normal and not let tragedy hamper her judgment. At Okuda's office, he states he heard Yagami was the first to find Sawa's body and notes hios perceptiveness, but Yagami states events are playing out far differently than he'd originally envisioned. He reveals Kuwana's involvement and alias, and how Sawa may have been caught up in whatever he was doing. He also tells Okuda of RK searching for Kawai, Sawa's high school classmate, though Okuda can no longer keep up. Okuda expresses sadness in seeing young people die so early, and believes Sawa is connected to Ehara and Mikoshiba somehow, but the connection may take a while to discover. He begs Yagami continue to investigate and avenge Sawa, to which Yagami states he will not stop until he does, which he is grateful to hear. He also asks Yagami to keep an eye on the students of 2-2, Sawa's homeroom.

Matsui and Akane meet Yagami outside the classroom and Akane notes how much has been happening since Yagami arrived, then states she will not mourn like the others, who celebrated Mikoshiba's death. Koda tells Yagami that they are overall okay, but asks him to keep them informed of any developments on Sawa's case. Akane storms off and Matsui reveals she loved Mikoshiba, and his disappearance caused her great pain. Matsui apologizes to Koda for what his group did, but she walks back into the classroom. Yagami applauds him seeing the error of his ways, but tells him he should not expect to be forgiven.

Yagami returns to Yokohama 99 and fills everyone in. Tsukumo recounts the events preceding Sawa's death and deduces RK called her using her apartment manager's name, and Kaito suspects it was to lure Kuwana. They have many questions about him and Yagami intends to question him, but Tsukumo states he was unable to reach Kuwana. They also do not know where he lives as all his business was over the phone and his card does not have an address, but Kaito was able to narrow down his location by asking the people in the bars they visited.

Kaito guides Yagami to Kuwana's residence and they see the door was forced open, presumably by RK, and the room is a mess. Yagami suspects Kuwana may not be in Ijincho anymore. They notice an unused ashtray and a pack of cigarettes, even though Kuwana smokes an e-cigarette. Yagami inspects the pack and discovers a USB disguised as a lighter. When they leave, they are assaulted by RK, but the duo overpowers them and asks for information on their leaders, but they do not have any. Yagami suspects Soma is not the real mastermind due to coming to Ijincho to commit murder, and they suspect RK has a powerful backer funding them. Kuwana's neighbors direct the two to Siren, a bar in Chinatown.

The duo enters Siren, and Kaito notes someone may have been in a hurry to leave. The phone rings, and Yagami goes to answer it, unaware the call was made by Soma, who used it as a distraction to sneak up on them. He attacks Kaito with an ice pick, but he avoids a fatal attack, then Soma produces a knife and stabs Kaito in the abdomen. He then holds up his blood-stained knife and tells them RK stands for "Red Knife". Yagami asks Soma why he murdered Sawa, and he replies it was because she knew too much. He adds that Yagami is now a target for the same reason. The two fight, but Yagami is dazed after a kick from Soma. The Siren Owner calls the bar and tells Soma, who answered the phone, that Kuwana warned him about Soma. He asks to talk with Yagami and warns Soma to leave, as he'd called the police. Yagami asks the Siren Owner to call an ambulance.

Kaito is taken away, and the Siren Owner calls Yagami once again from a nearby taxi, asking to meet him at Survive Bar alone in 10 minutes, or Yagami will never hear from him again.

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LJ - Trophy - To Survive.png To Survive Completed Chapter 8. Bronze 15G