Mafuyu Fujii (藤井 真冬, Fujii Mafuyu) is a character in Judgment. She is a public prosecutor and Saori and Yagami's close friend.

Personality Edit

Mafuyu appears to be an overall good person, being on good terms with all of the main characters in the game.

Appearance Edit

Mafuyu has a slim build and a short, shoulder-length hair. She wears a pinstriped off-white blazer with the Public Prosecutor pin on her blazer's lapel over black shirt with matching knee-length skirt, along with a pair of black shoes. She also wears a gold necklace on her neck and is always seen with a brown leather bag at her left shoulder.

Background Edit

Early on her life, she lost her parents after they were killed in a hit-and-run incident.

Mafuyu's career as a prosecutor was influenced by Kunihiko Morita, whom she had fallen in love with while he worked to solve her parents' untimely deaths.

She's a long time friend of Saori Shirosaki, a defense attorney working at Genda Law Office. They had drifted apart, but reunited when the two of them attended the same university to study law. At some point during her life, Mafuyu dated Takayuki Yagami, but the two broke up when Yagami resigned from his job as a defense attorney. Despite that, Mafuyu still keeps tabs on Yagami, and the two appear to be on amicable terms.

Judgment Edit


  • Mafuyu heals Yagami and Kaito during a long battle, making her one of the few female characters that actively participate in battle and the only healer character outside of Ryu ga Gotoku Online.


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