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I've already killed a lot of people...
I'm just waiting for the reaper to catch up with me anyway. Winning some glory for myself here is the closest I'm gonna get to heaven.[1]
This is a historical Japanese name; the family name is Majima/Shishido.

Majima Gorohachi (真島 五六八), also known as Shishido Baiken (宍戸 梅軒), is a character in Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! who shares his in-game appearance and family name with Goro Majima.

The victor of countless duels to the death, he is known as "Killer" Gorohachi (人斬り五六八, Hitokiri Gorohachi). He is a swordsman in the Tokugawa army (formerly the Eastern Army) and the former leader of the Shishido bandits.

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Prior to his enlistment, Majima was a wandering swordsman traveling the country to test his skill against as many opponents as possible in hopes of perfecting his technique. He comes to believe the more people he cut down, the more his status as a great swordsman grew. This eventually erodes any hesitation he once had about taking the lives of others and earns him the name "Killer" Gorohachi in his home province, Omi.

To further his goals, he tracks a once-famous samurai down to a dojo in Kouzuke Province and challenges him to a duel. He ultimately wins, killing the man right in front of his two daughters. At some point, however, he realizes he had ruined countless lives in order to master the way of the sword and begins to seek redemption. Years later he crosses paths with the younger of the two girls he had left orphaned that day, Ukiyo, and decides to adopt her as his sister.

Marume Nagayoshi later approaches Majima to recruit him into the Eastern Army, promising large sums of money if he did well in battle - an offer he accepts in order to provide for Ukiyo.

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