Ruff! Ruff!
— Mame, Yakuza 3

Mame (マメ, also known as Rex in the original western version of Yakuza 3) is a Shiba Inu adopted by the Morning Glory Orphanage.[1]

Personality Edit

Mame is initially frightened of humans, but quickly warms to Izumi.

Appearance Edit

Mame is a Shiba Inu, a small dog breed native to Japan. As typical of his breed, Mame has a curled bushy tail. Being a "red" variety, he has red and white coat.

Background Edit

Yakuza 3Edit

Mame wanders onto the lot of Morning Glory Orphanage,[1]. Mame reminds Izumi of a dog she once owned. She convinces Kiryu and Mikio to try and help her catch and train Mame. The dog however, runs off, and must be sought in Downtown Ryukyu during Chapter 4. Kiryu finds Mame in north-east Hatsumachi, and has to chase him through the streets of Hatsumachi before cornering him. Kiryu calls Mikio, who along with Izumi, make sure Mame does not run away whilst Kiryu is looking for supplies for the dog. When Kiryu returns from his second trip, a group of Tamashiro Family yakuza confront rival Ryudo Family member Mikio for being on their turf. Having initially shown hostility, when one of the men tries to attack Mikio, Mame bites him. After Kiryu defeats the men, he and Izumi return home with their new pet. If Kiryu chooses to, he can teach Mame a few tricks.

In the game's epilogue, Mikio has built Mame a new doghouse after the orphanage was rebuilt. Mame is initially reluctant to enter it however.

Yakuza 4Edit

While on a walk with Haruka, Mame pulls away and runs to the beach in front of Morning Glory Orphanage. This is when they both find Taiga Saejima washed up on shore.

Yakuza 5Edit

Mame appears to be in the photo from Kazuma Kiryu's karaoke cutscene, Bakamitai.


  • Mame is the name of an identical dog in Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin!Ryoma gives the dog food to stop it from starving, until a woman tells him that the dog has been waiting in that same spot ever since his owner died, much like the famously faithful Japanese dog Hachiko.



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