Man on a Ledge is the 7th substory in Yakuza Kiwami.



In the Hotel District, Akimoto is threatening to jump off the top of a building. Haruka hears him say the name "Mizuki" and says they must help him. On the rooftop, Akimoto laments to Kiryu about how he will never get hostess Mizuki to be his girlfriend. At this point, Mizuki shows up herself, but it is not the Mizuki Haruka and Kiryu are looking for. Kiryu must negotiate with the man to get him to come off the edge of the roof. It does not matter which dialogue choices the player chooses; none will result in Akimoto jumping. Finally, Mizuki persuades him to come off the edge by saying how terrible it would be for her if she had to live without him. After he comes back from the edge, Kiryu tells Haruka that they got the wrong Mizuki, and the substory ends.

Related trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Trophy
She's Worth It She's Worth It? Completed "Man on a Ledge." Bronze



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