Mana Sakura (まな) was the number one hostess at Club Moon before joining Club Sunshine.


Considered the number one hostess in Sotenbori, Mana has a confident, warm and welcoming personality. She takes great pride and joy in her work, and sees cabaret clubs as an important means for hard-working citizens to relax and forget their troubles.

She has such a light-hearted and friendly approach to the competition that members of Club Sunshine find it difficult to believe she's being honest, rather than sarcastic, during the cabaret club challenge. After seeing her in action, Goro Majima comments her hyper-competence is "scary". She is highly perceptive, claiming that she is able to tell whenever someone is lying.

She is the only hostess on the Sunshine team to refer to Majima as "Goro-kun".

Yakuza 0Edit

Completion of Mana's training unlocks the substory Of Love and Ramen.

Dialogue TreeEdit

Customer Service 1Edit

"Haha, yeah! I really blew some money on that! You can get one now under ¥100,000, though. The one I have has this super handy feature called timer recording." Videos at your place? -Hostess Heart Half
Gotta reward yourself. +Hostess Heart Full
Help me buy one! +Hostess Heart Half
"But one day, the protagonist's boss is replaced by a new guy. And this guy is really tough on her, but she falls in love with him." Show moves fast! -Hostess Heart Half
Sounds like you. +Hostess Heart Half
"I-I see..." Takes one to know one? +Hostess Heart Full
I'm a woman. +Hostess Heart Half
Cheaters beware! -Hostess Heart Half
"More and more people out there with allergies these days." I wanna see. -Hostess Heart Half
We'll buy tissues. +Hostess Heart Half

Customer Service 2Edit

"My type of guy? Umm... I don't know what kind of guy I like." You weren't lyin'. +Hostess Heart Full
How about me? +Hostess Heart Half
Perfect answer! -Hostess Heart Half
"Goro-kun, between you and me, I've never fallen in love with anyone before. Maybe there's something wrong with me." Nothing's wrong. +Hostess Heart Half
Something's wrong. -Hostess Heart Half
"No, I don't think I'll go to that extreme. I really like this job. I want to keep doing this job when I'm a grandma." Even married? -Hostess Heart Half
Get them grandpas. +Hostess Heart Full
People request grandmas? +Hostess Heart Half
"Uh, actually, scratch that. Can you pretend you didn't hear anything?" Okay. +Hostess Heart Half
Nope, details. -Hostess Heart Half

Customer Service 3Edit

"Huh? Someone I like?" I ain't got one. +Hostess Heart Half
It's a secret. -Hostess Heart Half
I got someone. +Hostess Heart Full
"Hey, you're the one who said I could ask you anything. By the way, I think I'm more of an S, myself." M for masochist. +Hostess Heart Half
S for sadist. -Hostess Heart Half
"The future of our country, eh?" We'll rise. -Hostess Heart Half
Ugh, economics. +Hostess Heart Half
We'll crash. +Hostess Heart Full
"I dunno why, but when I get ready to come to Club Sunshine for work, I get these pangs in my chest. It goes away when I get home. Do you think I'm sick?" Do ya hate work? -Hostess Heart Half
Go see a doctor. +Hostess Heart Half

Customer Service 4Edit

"I didn't stand out in class, my grades were in the lower end of the middle of the pack, and boys wouldn't give me a second glance. I was a totally unremarkable girl." Got a photo? -Hostess Heart Half
No pressure. +Hostess Heart Full
Hard to believe. +Hostess Heart Half
"Haha, I've never told anyone this before. This is kinda embarrassing." That was brave. +Hostess Heart Half
Thanks for sharing. +Hostess Heart Half
"But that's not what we do. The girls who work at a cabaret club all work really hard." Drinkin' ain't easy. +Hostess Heart Half
Sellin' your bodies. -Hostess Heart Half
Improvin' themselves. +Hostess Heart Full
"Well, I guess. But this is totally unlike me. I'm sorry." What happened? -Hostess Heart Half
Ya got serious! +Hostess Heart Half

Customer Service FinalEdit

"I agree. So tell me, competitor Majima! How do you feel now that it's all over?" Gotta keep workin'. +Hostess Heart Half
I'm bored now. -Hostess Heart Half
You elevate us! +Hostess Heart Full
"I did, I did! But the doctor at the hospital said she couldn't figure out the cause. She told me my body was in perfect health." It's psychological? +Hostess Heart Half
It's allergies? -Hostess Heart Half
"Oh, sorry, Goro-kun. I work for you now, so it must make you feel weird when I say good things about Tsukiyama-san, doesn't it?" I'm a bit jealous. +Hostess Heart Full
You compliment me. +Hostess Heart Half
Nah, it's fine. -Hostess Heart Half
"Hm, I don't think that's anything special. Y'know, 'cause..." I'm the manager. -Hostess Heart Half
Everyone's important. +Hostess Heart Half


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