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"Anyone who comes our way's in for a world of hurt."

Kaito to Yagami, Judgment

Masaharu Kaito (海藤 正治Kaitō Masaharu) is a main character in Judgment. He is Takayuki Yagami's best friend and partner at the Yagami Detective Agency.


Despite his appearance, Kaito is much smarter than he seems, though is still not quite as observant as his partner, Yagami.  He is an easygoing and caring person, and enjoys helping people, especially if money is involved.

Compared to Yagami, he's louder and brasher.


Kaito wears an orange and yellow floral-patterned silk shirt, a pair of light grey dress pants, and a pair of black leather loafers. He has short hair with a chinstrap beard, and a small scar across his left eyebrow.


Kaito joined the Matsugane Family shortly after completing middle school. He first met Takayuki Yagami not long after at Bar Tender where Yagami was employed at the time. The two often got into brawls, with Kaito easily beating the then-teenaged Yagami every time, but became friends later down the line.

Kaito remained a part of the Matsugane family for over twenty years, managing Charles on their behalf, and was one of the only forces capable of keeping Kyohei Hamura's influence in check. He was left in charge of the Matsugane Family office the day an armed robber broke in and stole one hundred million yen. To avoid any casualties, he cooperated without a fight, as Toru Higashi was also present at the time, unbeknownst to the robber. Kaito hid this fact and later claimed sole responsibility for the incident.

He was nearly forced to perform yubitsume for his failure to stop the robbery, but with Matsugane and Yagami's intervention he was expelled from the family with his finger intact. Following his expulsion, he joined the Yagami Detective Agency as a private investigator.


Fighting Style

Kaito's fighting style puts an emphasis on street fighting. Compared to Yagami, Kaito's fighting style is considerably less refined.


  • Kaito's fighting style is very similar to Kazuma Kiryu's Brawler style.
  • His given name was originally supposed to be Shoji rather than Masaharu, but was changed some time during development.[citation needed] Shoji and Masaharu are both alternative readings of the same kanji (正治).