"Hey, it’s not just about winning. As your senior, I… hey, are you listening?"

— Shintani in Judgment

Masamichi Shintani (新谷 正道, Shintani Masamichi) is a character in Judgment. He is a defense attorney working at the Genda Law Office.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Shintani wears a standard charcoal black business suit over a buttoned-down white shirt, with matching dress pants and a pair of leather shoes. He has a slicked-back haircut.

Personality[edit | edit source]

While he can be somewhat arrogant towards someone whose weaker than him, he can turn into a somewhat servile person in front of those who are stronger than him. He also took great pride at his profession, and appears to be a brilliant lawyer by Genda's account, despite not being particularly persistent at his job.

Background[edit | edit source]

A lawyer in Ryuzo Genda's law office, Shintani boasts himself as Yagami's senior and describes himself as "the ace attorney at Genda Law Office". He's the one who showed Yagami the ropes of becoming a lawyer.

Judgment[edit | edit source]

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Shintani came into prominence after successfully defending Kyohei Hamura, a yakuza from Tojo Clan's Matsugane Family from a murder charge through Yagami's help. Following Hamura's acquittal, Shintani is in hot water; he seems to know something else about the murders, apparent when he warned Yagami that "the Mole" is bigger than he thought. Shortly after the warning, he is mysteriously murdered, and his corpse was planted at Yagami's office.
In chapter 5, Yagami has a flashback to 2015 at the ADDC, where he and Shintani investigate the killing of Koichi Waku. Shintani is completely unconvinced of Shinpei Okubo's innocence, and is noticeably impatient at Yagami's investigation.
In the game's finale, Yagami and Fumiya Sugiura go back to the ADDC, and Yagami has a vivid recollection of Shintani in the ADDC's freight elevator. Shintani's ghost tells him the same words he did back in 2015 about how fighting criminal cases is burdensome and does not pay well.

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