Matsuo Jingisukan is a lamb barbecue restaurant located in Tsukimino, Sapporo, in Yakuza 5.

Menus Edit

Yakuza 5 Edit

Image Name (¥) XP Ability Description
Y5 FD Matsuo BBQ
Lamb Barbecue 880
Y5 FD Ability Str
In this classic barbecue, shoulder meat from lambs less than a year old is marinated in our secret sauce.
Y5 FD Matsuo GradeA
Grade-A Lamb Barbecue 980
Y5 FD Ability Str
This old favorite uses leg of lamb hand-trimmed to remove excess fat, leaving only the tender, juicy meat.
Y5 FD Matsuo Rib
Lamb Rib Eye Barbecue 1,380
Y5 FD Ability Str
Only about 700g of the meat used in this dish is available from each lamb. This is the pinnacle of Matsuo Jingisukan dishes.
Y5 FD Matsuo Chef
Chef's Special 3-Spice Set 350
Y5 FD Ability Str
Our chef's special has three condiments (snow wasabi, yuzu pepper, and Genki eggs) combined for a brand new taste.
Y5 FD Matsuo Udon
Udon Combo 450
Y5 FD Ability Spr
Enjoy this udon cooked on the perimeter of the barbecue skillet, where meat juices and our secret sauce form a tasty union.
Y5 FD Matsuo Steak
Lamb Steak 700
Y5 FD Ability Str
Rib meat, the tenderest cut of lamb, is marinated in our special sauce and grilled to perfection. It's thick, juicy, and tender!
Y5 FD Matsuo Bone
Bone-Skewered Sausage 480
Y5 FD Ability Str
This big, meaty sausage has a nice snap on the outside and is packed with juicy meat on the inside.
Y5 FD Matsuo Salad
Refreshing Sesame Seed Salt Salad 590
Y5 FD Ability Fcs
This healthy salad is packed with seaweed and lightly seasoned with taste bud-tantalizing sesame seed salt.


  • Matsuo Jingisukan is a real restaurant in Sapporo.
  • The interior is made from pre-rendered background sprites.


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