Maya Mori is a hostess at Club Jewel in Yakuza 4. She can only be requested by Kazuma Kiryu.


Maya has dark blonde hair with a middle-length curly side tail and brown eyes. She wears a mini-dress with leopard print and a black Cover-Up on the chest, with a small bow tie in the middle, black low heels, a small collar around the neck, two golden earrings, and a golden bracelet on her left arm. She also has black nails.

Personality Edit

Maya is a kind young woman with a slightly deep voice. She is not a very good judge of people, although she cares for other peoples' feelings, and likes polite people.

During one of her conversations, she says that she dislikes arrogant men that boss around women even though they've just met. In the same conversation, she admits she'd choose a polite older man over an arrogant young guy any day.

Yakuza 4Edit

"Maya-chan is cool and stylish. She has a mysterious kind of charm about her, though maybe that comes from how calm and refined she comes off as. She loves going out on the town at night and has plenty of stories to tell about her nighttime adventures, though lately I hear she's grown up a little bit. She's 24, a Sagittarius, and her blood type's A! She absolutely loves chocolate, don't forget that. Hehehe... Just you wait. You'll take one look at Maya-chan's cute face and instantly fall in love!"



Icon Name Reaction
Y4fruitplatter Fruit Platter
Y4chickenbasket Chicken Basket
Y4vegetablesticks Vegetable Sticks
Y4driedrayfin Dried Ray Fin
Y4chocolate Chocolate
Y4pickledvegetables Pickled Vegetables


Icon Name Reaction
Y4goldchampagne Gold Champagne
Y4blackchampagne Black Champagne
Y4rosechampagne Rose Champagne
Y4whitechampagne White Champagne
Y4yamazaki12 Yamazaki 12 Years
Y4premiummalts Beer
Y4cassisandorange Cassis & Orange
Y4orangejuice Orange Juice
Y4kyogetsugreen Kyogetsu Green


Dialogue TreeEdit

But I broke up with him a while ago, and I've been busy with modeling work, so I'm thinking about quitting my job here. That's too bad.
You did that for your boyfriend? Wow.
Why don't you stay for a bit longer?
But she says men get tired of that kind of thing and eventually leave you. I have to agree with her.
There's nothing wrong with being devoted.
That's a tricky issue.
It's a lot better now. Maybe two or three times a month. That's a pretty big difference.
I get stopped sometimes myself.
You could try to wear less flashy clothes.
But a lot of guys these days are all talk. They think they're so special. They're fooling themselves.
Young guys don't know what manners are.
There's nothing you can do about it.
I could never forgive that! Why do men have to cheat?! You really want to know why men cheat?
She should leave him.
It shows that he's a real man.
I like alcohol, though. I wish I could become a stronger drinker. They have medicine for that, you know.
Some people just can't drink.
Try drinking more slowly.
Yeah. They get mad because they think I'm not really listening. You must have a bad memory.
It is kinda rude.
You already told me about this.
It's kinda strange for a girl my age to not have a license, huh? I just don't want to go back to driving school. You should get one when you get the chance.
You don't need a license.
Driving schools can be expensive.
Oh, it was from last year. I don't know why she just sent it to me now. See if she can send it to you again.
You used to get drunk a lot?
A backpack?
I'm not just talking about the famous places. There are lots of spots only the locals know. You go on a lot of dates then?
Wouldn't you stand out more there?
Maybe you can show me sometime.
So we're posing in light summer clothes in the winter and in hot winter clothes in the middle of summer. That does sound terrible.
They really start that early?
I'm surprised you don't get sick.
People say "I love you" pretty often, right? That's cute.
Maybe those lovey-dovey couples do.
Is it really necessary to say it?
It was kind of funny, so I let him buy me some coffee. Don't tell me you like this guy.
So you went out with him? Just like that?
Sounds like the cops know your face now.
What do you think? Should I quit? You don't want to quit, do you?
You should follow your heart.
You can't quit.
Not jealous exactly. I just can't stand men who cheat. What counts as cheating?
Now you're just being silly.
Do I look like the kind of man who'd cheat?
Then I'll say "Yes! I was waiting you to say that!" What if you don't like the guy?
You can't just sit back and wait for it.
Haven't you ever told someone yourself?
I wonder why... You look like you don't have any worries.
It's annoying when people jump to conclusions.
Do you have a hard time hiding your feelings?
So I don't go out and party like I used to. Maybe you were too wild as a teenager.
I bet you hang out with a different crowd, too.
That's a surprisingly sensible thing to say.
So I tense up and don't smile much. People say I'm scary, too.
That impression doesn't last long, does it?
You've got a kind of aura about you.
Well, apparently I ran around Chinatown with a corset wrapped around my waist. A corset?
Apparently? You don't remember it?
Don't worry about it. Here, have a drink.
And I'm not well educated, either. That's what I like about you.
Don't worry about that.
Education isn't always a good thing.
Models are always a little sleep-deprived, so we catch a nap whenever we can. Aren't you working yourself a bit too hard?
Do you fall asleep while doing your makeup?
I'm a little disappointed.
I thought knowing a policeman might come in handy. Now I'm regretting it. Let me know if it gets to be a problem.
Why don't you just screen his calls?
You shouldn't give your e-mail to just anybody.
I don't know. Do you have any ideas? You could ask him to come to the club.
You could say you've already got a boyfriend.
You could ask him how much money he has.
Of... Of seeing you. But you see me when I come to the club.
You'd quit your job for me?
I actually live in Okinawa.
I'm not sure if it's my place to, though. I just want her to be happy. Sounds like a good idea.
I don't think you should get involved.
There are no right or wrong answers in love.
This can't last forever, can it? It'll be all right.
That depends on us.
It could be time for us to move on.
That's when I realized it was Tuesday! How could something like that happen?
Why didn't your family wake you up?
Are you sure you weren't in a coma?
I figured I should start doing something about it. You don't need to worry about that.
Like how men do weight training?
Actually, you could stand to gain some weight.
Now I'm doing my best to act my age, so I just stay home. Is that such a good idea?
You're just shutting out the outside world.
You've really grown.
When I see it on my noodles I wanna scream, "Get lost, ginger! Who needs you?!" You don't get it, do you?
Yeah, I don't like it much myself.
Have you even tried it?
Don't play dumb with me. For our date. Are you sure you remember it?
We should go out again.
I love you.

Gossip Edit

  • 777 Town (NPC in Volcano. NPC on Taihei Blvd. East)
  • Ameba Pigg (NPC at Theater Square. NPC behind Millenium Tower bench)
  • Eating liver to reverse brain aging (Eat three "separate" times at Kanrai)
  • Sweet Sake (Eat three "separate" times at Sushi Gin)

E-Mail Edit


Reply: Tell me all about it next time.

"Little princess"

Reply: Maybe the kid didn't like it.


Reply: Staying busy helps keep you healthy.

"A Fan"

Reply: You'll have to wear a disguise or something.


"When you look at a woman, what part of her body catches your eye?"

  • Answer: Legs

"Hee hee. Which part of my body do you think he complimented me on? Go on, guess."

  • Answer: Eyes


Karaoke, Le Marche (only if you're rich) or Watami

20 ♥ GET! (Ending) Edit

After attaining 20 Hearts and receiving the usual Phone Call, make your way to Taihei Blvd. coin lockers and you'll find Maya and a Police Officer across the street. Confront Costumed Man.


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