The Media King is an antagonist featured in the Real Estate Royale sidestory of Yakuza 0.


The Media King is a member of the Five Billionaires; the cabal of unscrupulous real estate moguls that controlled most businesses in Kamurocho during the 1980's. He controlled the area around Shichifuku Street and specialized in the nightlife business; owning multiples discos, theaters and hotels.

When he was younger, the Media King was a professional dancer and actor. He eventually formed his own talent agency, which grew big enough that it allowed him to join the Billionaires.

Yakuza 0Edit

The Media King was the last of the Five Billionaires that Kazuma Kiryu could take on; with his territory only becoming available for takeover after the other four Billionaires had been defeated.

When Kiryu acquired 30% of the Media King's territory, the Billionaire broke into Kiryu's offices and threatened him, Yamanoi and Marina into backing down. Despite his intimidation, Kiryu and his allies refused to surrender.

After 60% of the King's businesses were taken over, the Media King kidnapped Marina from Kiryu's office and took her to Maharaja, leaving a message for Kiryu to find him there. Once Kiryu arrived, he found the Media King and his goons forcing Marina to disco dance non-stop, lest she be shot. Using Marina as a hostage, the Media King challenged Kiryu to a dance-off, where the winner would take 10% of the loser's holdings, to which Kiryu agreed. Regardless of the outcome, after the dance contest finished, Marina was released and returned to the office with Kiryu.

Once Kiryu acquired 90% of the Media King's holdings, the Billionaire called Kiryu to the parking lot on Shichifuku Street for a final battle. There, the Media King and several of his goons fought against Kiryu, but were defeated after a long, grueling battle.

Immediately afterwards, the true mastermind behind the Five Billionaires, the Finance King, revealed himself. The Finance King had hoped that the other Billionaires would be able to stop Kiryu, but upon their failure, he decided to take care of him by himself. The Finance King unleashed two of his assassins on Kiryu and the Media King, but the duo managed to defeat them by joining forces.

Due to the Finance King's betrayal, the Media King decided to join Kiryu's company as a manager and would go on to help him during the final confrontation with the Finance King soon after.


The Media King is a loud, flamboyant man who enjoys dressing lavishly and acting theatrically. He frequently works in phrases and words from other languages into his sentences, such as "me gusta", "c'est la vie" or "mein gott".

The Media King does not like his title and prefers to be referred to as "the Disco King", though nobody ever calls him by that nickname, much to his frustration. The Media King is a skilled dancer and he particularly likes dancing to disco. His favorite song is "I'm Gonna Make Her Mine" by Miracle Johnson.

Fighting StyleEdit

Despite his slender, gaunt appearance, the Media King is actually the most skilled fighter out of all the Five Billionaires. He mostly deals damage by dodging behind Kiryu and then unleashing long, highly-damaging combos against Kiryu's back. His attacks rely primarily on kicks, using roundhouse kicks and flip kicks often.

He will aggressively pursue Kiryu around the arena, making it difficult to put distance between Kiryu and himself. Though he flinches easily if his combos are interrupted, the attacks in the combos are very quick so it can be very difficult to land a hit before he strikes again.

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