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"The one who exposed the ship. Kazuma Kiryu. Dispose of him. My time runs short. But if you take care of this before my passing... ...you too may earn the name Takeru Kurusu."

— Minoru Daidoji to Tsuneo Iwami; Yakuza 6

Minoru Daidoji (大道寺 稔, Daidōji Minoru) is a character featured in Yakuza 6.



Daidoji had been an Admiral in the Japanese Imperial Navy prior to World War II, with a highly-decorated service record during the infamous Japanese invasion of China and during the World War itself. Towards the final days of the war, Daidoji had been amongst the hardline militarist members of the Japanese war council who refused to accept the unconditional surrender demanded by the American government. In a desperate bid to turn the tide of the war, Daidoji embezzled massive amounts of military funds to finance the construction of the world's most powerful battleship, the Yamato Mark II. The Admiral used the burgeoning Iwami Shipbuilding Company from his native Hiroshima to carry out the construction, along with cheap labour provided by Chinese migrants smuggled into the country by the Saio Triad.

Unfortunately for Daidoji, it soon became apparent that even if the battleship were finished, it would not be enough to beat back the encroaching American forces. Realizing that he'd incurred in a massive waste of illegally obtained public funds, the Admiral ordered Heizo Iwami to destroy the nearly-completed battleship in order to hide his crimes. Instead, Iwami hid the battleship and started to blackmail Daidoji into giving his company privileged military contracts and political favours. Without alternatives, Daidoji agreed to Iwami's demands in exchange for having the "secret of Onomichi" kept hidden.

After the War, Daidoji's favorable public image as a war hero allowed him to have a career in politics, where he would quickly become one of the leading members in the Citizens' Liberal Party. He gained a reputation for being highly-skilled at fixing scandals and problems behind the scenes in order to avoid public outrage, thus gaining him the nickname of "The Fixer of the Showa Era" (昭和のフィクサー, Shōwa no Fikusā).


Yakuza 6: 2016[]

Kazuma Kiryu and his friends in the Hirose Family end up uncovering the secret of Onomichi and revealing it to the country. Daidoji, who by that point was 100 years old and on his deathbed, was infuriated by Iwami's failure to keep his end of the bargain, so he authorized his treacherous son, Tsuneo Iwami, to murder his father. After Iwami Sr.'s death, Daidoji offers to grant Tsuneo the same favors and contracts that he'd given his father on two conditions: First, he must cover up Daidoji's role in the battleship's construction and blame it entirely on the late Chairman Iwami and, second, he must murder Kiryu in retaliation for the secret's revelation.

Tsuneo would attempt to fulfill Daidoji's demands but he was incapable of killing Kiryu. Daidoji would succumb to his illness soon after and his unnamed successor would help Kiryu fake his death in exchange for his silence about Daidoji's involvement with the secret of Onomichi.