Miracle Johnson is a character in Yakuza 0.

Yakuza 0 Edit

Substory: Miracle on Tenkaichi StreetEdit

He is first shown in this substory, where he decides to shoot a music video in Kamurocho with the help of Spining and Kiryu. Spining is the director of the music video, and, per Papillon Kato's suggestion, Kiryu serves as his bodyguard. In said video, Johnson performs his "Miracle Walk" (a reference to the Moonwalk), while under attack by actors dressed as zombies. Against the wishes of director Spining, Johnson insisted that the zombie actors attack him for real, as the "thrill" wouldn't be authentic otherwise. Kiryu is brought on board to ensure they don't go too far. After the video shooting is done, Johnson gives Kiryu a reward; a choice between a black or white box.

Substory: Miracle In Maharaja Edit

Kiryu hears that Miracle has returned to Kamurocho and is at the Maharaja dance club. Kiryu is briefly stopped by a bouncer, but is let in by Spining's employee Louis, who recognizes Kiryu and takes him to see Miracle again. Johnson, pleased to see Kiryu again, challenges him to a dance battle. Kiryu loses rather badly (this particular dance battle is scripted so that the player simply cannot beat Johnson) but Johnson is impressed by Kiryu's spirit and once more offers him a choice between a black or white box, before then offering his services as an advisor for Kiryu's real estate business.

Real Estate Royale Edit

After completing both substories, Miracle becomes an advisor for the real estate business that Kiryu takes over. Johnson is a five star advisor, the highest possible rankf or advisors, and has double circle stats in businesses relating to entertainment and commerce. However, his fee is at a cool 48 million yen, meaning players who are strapped for cash may not be able to make as much use of him as they would like.

Trivia Edit

  • Miracle Johnson is a direct pastiche of the famous 1980s pop singer, Michael Jackson. The English localization of Yakuza 0 also added further references to Jackson's songs into Johnson's dialogue, particularly including lyrics from many of Jackson's most famous songs.

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