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Mirror Face (ミラーフェイス, Mirā feisu?) is a supporting character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. According to Tianyou Zhao, he is a legendary assassin with the ability to perfectly imitate any of his targets (hence his alias), and is adept at using this ability to kill his targets.


In addition to being a skilled assassin, Mirror Face's defining trait is his ability to, through unknown techniques, perfectly imitate the appearances of those he targets. He is shown doing this with two characters; Koichi Adachi and Yosuke Tendo. Both of these imitations are perfect, down to appearance, musculature, and even voice. For the former, Ichiban Kasuga had to ask him and the true Adachi questions to tease out the imposter; for the latter, Aoki was fooled by the impersonation so well that he was comfortable making incriminating statements around him, thus causing his downfall.

Mirror Face also seems to do research to be sure he can act the part of the target he is impersonating; he studied up on driving laws while impersonating Adachi, as he had a background in both law enforcement and driver's education.

His true face is unknown. However, when he is first seen via the Geomijul's surveillance system, he appears to have an average build and wears all black clothing, dark sunglasses and a black face mask that covers his nose and mouth.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon: 2019[]

Mirror Face was hired by Ryo Aoki to eliminate Jo Sawashiro, after the latter was arrested for the murder of Seiryu Clan Chairman Ryuhei Hoshino. At the request of Kazuma Kiryu, the Geomijul followed Mirror Face and his Tokyo Omi Alliance liaison, Reiji Ishioda, around Ijincho in an attempt to avoid Sawashiro's death and end Aoki's plans. Ichiban Kasuga and his party head to an office of Ishioda's where both he and Mirror Face are located.

There, they confront Ishioda, as well as Mirror Face who appears and talks exactly like Kasuga's friend Koichi Adachi. Mirror Face seeks to use Adachi's law enforcement background to make it easier for him to get close to Sawashiro. He and the true Adachi struggle; Ichiban is able to tease out which of them is the real Adachi by quizzing them on traffic laws, and noting that Mirror Face answers the questions quickly and in details while Adachi answers vaguely or doesn't know. Knowing that the true Adachi would not know the laws so well, Kasuga punches out the informed one who is indeed Mirror Face, who calls Adachi a stain on public services. This leads into a battle between Kasuga, Adachi and their allies, against Ishioda and Mirror Face.

Ishioda and Mirror Face are defeated. Afterwards, Ishioda's rival in the Tokyo Omi Alliance, Yosuke Tendo, orders that a bomb in Ishioda's office be detonated after seeing him fail to defeat Kasuga. Kasuga, his allies and Mirror Face are all able to escape the office before the bomb goes off, while Ishioda's fate is left unknown.

Mirror Face, wanting to take revenge on Tendo and Aoki for attempting to assassinate him, is willing to switch sides and work for Kasuga's group now. After they subdue Tendo in the Arakawa Family office in the Millennium Tower, Mirror Face impersonates Tendo and hides his body. When Aoki arrives in the office, Kasuga's party pretends to be knocked out, while a Tendo-impersonating Mirror Face claims to have defeated them. This fools Aoki into calling for them to be executed, an act which Joon-gi Han and Saeko Mukoda catch on camera; they disseminate the video to the public, and thus cause the downfall of Aoki's career.

It is unknown what became of Mirror Face afterwards. It can be presumed that since he was in Kasuga's good graces, they allowed him to leave.

Fighting Style[]

While imitating Adachi, Mirror Face replicates his basic combat from the Detective job, using renamed versions of some of Adachi's moves (e.g. "Helmsplitter" is changed to "Headsplitter"). Unlike Adachi, however, Mirror Face also has access to a knife that he will occasionally draw, and will at times pause his actions to survey the area.


  • Based on an observation from Nanba, it appears that Mirror Face can not only replicate a person's appearance and voice (even down to height and musculature), but also their physical capabilities, as he was able to wrestle Adachi competently in an equal test of strength. Both of them do have moves of their own, however.