Ah, Kiryu! Ready to go beast mode?
— Miss Tatsu

Miss Tatsu is a collections agent known for being able to make anyone pay up. She trains Kazuma Kiryu in the Beast style.

Personality Edit

Miss Tatsu appears as a volatile, but a somewhat friendly and straightforward individual to those who don't have any debts to pay. To those who do have debts, she is considered extremely ruthless and abrasive, so much so that people have been rumored to flee the country after hearing she was coming to collect.

Appearance Edit

She appears a woman in her early 20-30s with black long hair stretching down below her shoulders. She wears what seems to be a blue jersey jacket with a zipper and pair of dragons reaching from both her ribs to her chest, with the arms being blue and yellow. Underneath her jacket, she seems to be wearing a regular black shirt and she's wearing dogtags around her neck. She wears a pair of skinny jeans and some black boots stretching to slightly below her knees.

Yakuza 0 Edit

She was first encountered when Bacchus told Kiryu about a certain debt collector who has an excellent collection record and a brutal fighting style, giving Kiryu a revelation to the Beast style, a fighting style that emphasizes power and brute force and deals a considerable damage.

Her subsequent encounters happen at the docks, where she arranged lessons for Kiryu as well as debt collections.

Fighting Style Edit

Using the Beast Style, it is from observing Miss Tatsu in a street fight that Kiryu learns how to use it. Like Kiryu, Miss Tatsu uses her surprisingly very high raw strength to her advantage, being able to dislocate a person's arms as well as throwing an obese adult man over her with ease.


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