Mitsugu Matsugane (松金 貢, Matsugane Mitsugu) is a character in Judgment. He is the patriarch of the Matsugane Family and Yagami and Kaito's foster father.

Background Edit

Along with Ryuzo Genda, Matsugane raised Takayuki Yagami following his parents' death, going as far as to give full support for Yagami to pursue his dream of being a lawyer.

Genda and Matsugane have been close friends for over 40 years.

Personality Edit

Matsugane appears as a man who sticks to the old yakuza way of valuing reason over sheer force and violence. He also appears to be a caring, kind-hearted and an overall good-natured person, especially towards Yagami and Kaito, whom he consider as sons.

As a patriarch, his benevolent side appears to backfire, as he seems to have difficulty in controlling the family.

Appearance Edit

He wears a khaki coat over white kimono. Physically, he's on the stocky side. He has a graying beard and a graying hair which appears to be receding.

In a flashback scene, he wears a khaki suit with the Matsugane Family pin on its lapel.



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