Miyabi Tateishi is Kazuma Kiryu's hostess in Yakuza: Dead Souls. She is one of the few hostesses in the series capable of fighting, and also becomes available as an AI companion character after completing her substory.




Dialogue TreeEdit

Not even a little bit. I wonder what I'm doing wrong? Why don't you use that as your selling point?
At least men are easier to handle than zombies.
Try talking to young men.
I think I'm definitely lacking in sex appeal. But sex appeal isn't the only factor.
Why don't you try some more revealing clothes?
You have plenty of sex appeal.
If I had that kind of rough, tough, loyal man, I'd feel so safe and protected! Well, I don't have time for a woman in my life.
Strength isn't all a man has to offer.
I'll protect you.
I see lots of girls with boyfriends at my school. I wonder how they meet? Why don't you ask them?
You'll have plenty of chances once you graduate.
Try approaching guys yourself.
If I'd done that, my life would be different now. Mixers aren't such a big deal.
You still have time.
A few mixers won't change anybody's life.
Every night after work, I went from one convenience store to the next to see what was new. But at least you can't do that now.
I like convenience store sweets, myself.
Why don't you try getting some exercise?
I never had the chance to go out partying at night. Try as many different things as you can.
I guess you're way ahead of your friends now.
Nothing wrong with going out to see fireworks.
It's really tough getting used to this hustle and bustle. It must've been nice growing up in the country.
You'll adjust to it in no time.
I like it when a girl has a regional accent.
Is that any way for a normal girl to spend her day off?! That's pretty pathetic.
Nothing wrong with that.
Why didn't you go out somewhere by yourself?
Hey, I know! Why don't we do some sports together sometime? {{{option1}}}
How about if I teach you some martial arts?
A competition? It's on, then!
More, more! I want MORE compliments and praise! Ha ha ha! I think you've had a little too much to drink.
Keep going! Don't rest on your laurels now.
Maybe I'll order champagne today, too.
And I bet there are a lot of boring and hard aspects of working a corporate job. You should take your corporate job.
You should follow your heart.
You'd probably make more money being a hostess.
What do you think I should do, Mr. Kiryu? Why not tell a few lies of your own?
If you keep believing, it'll pay off in the end.
Don't be so trusting.
What kind of man do you think would be right for me? A guy that likes to be coddled.
A rich, middle-aged man.
Somebody aggressive.
I've never been in love, but I think I'd do whatever someone I loved asked me to do. The guy should be giving you things and money.
If that's what would make you happy...
You'd better watch yourself.
Everyone said I should be a USB flash drive, so that's the costume I made. A USB flash drive? Yeah, I can see that.
I still don't get it.
Do you have a picture of it on your phone?
Whenever I can't tell my left from my right, I just convert it to English, and then I get it. I've been doing that forever. Uh, that's pretty weird.
Hey, that's a neat trick.
Maybe you were American in a former life.
I went to the dentist, and he told me the alignment and color of my teeth are beautiful. You do have a great smile.
What did you go to the dentist for?
I bet the dentist hates you.
Why don't you try writing a poem, Mr. Kiryu? What do you write poems for?
Nah, I'll pass.
Hmm. That sounds like it could be fun.
I like to visit any gravesite, not just the ones of my ancestors. Aren't you scared?
You shouldn't be so disrespectful of the dead.
Do you want to come with me next time?
I wonder which one of you would win if you fought each other? I doubt I'd lose.
I've grown out of that kind of childish rivalry.
Strength isn't the only measure of a man.
I wonder if I should start dating a customer if he requests me a lot? It's not a good idea.
It's up to you.
Sure. Why not?
Would you mind if I went? Want me to go with you?
Are you sure you can trust this guy?
Go have fun.
But if he cheated a third time, it's three strikes and he's out! I wouldn't need any strikes.
Some think being a playboy is a sign of success.
You're very understanding, aren't you?
You can also use love psychology to analyze the actions and behaviors of men to tell if they love you or not. That sounds like BS to me.
Can you tell anything about me?
Is that useful?
And of course, I wore a costume, too! Oh, it was so exciting! Maybe that's why you don't have many friends.
You really are a nerd.
I just don't get it.
At least that way I might have a chance of connecting with someone randomly! Do you want to try it with me?
Don't do that. It's too dangerous.
What good will that do?
She seemed so happy! I wish I could get like that. Why don't you give it a try, then?
Don't try to force yourself.
Getting that drunk isn't a good thing.
I don't know what to say to let someone know I'm angry. You must've lashed out at least once.
You'd better just let it go.
Just make sure you raise your voice.
No, it would be a lot of fun! I always watch lots of gameplay videos online. You need to find some friends.
I like to just watch, too.
Don't you ever play?
Just when we were getting close! I don't want to go! Are you going to work as a hostess there, too?
This is the last we'll get to see each other.
We could have a long-distance relationship.

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