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Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵), also known as is Kiryu Kazumanosuke (桐生 一馬之介), is a legendary Japanese swordsman and the protagonist of Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan!.

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  • Kiryu Kazumanosuke appears as a test card for character renderings in Yakuza 3's game data.
  • An oar can be found and picked up during the Sasaki Kojiro boss fight, and when picked up it fills your heat gauge to max. This is in reference to the famous duel between the two where Musashi defeated Kojiro using only a shaved oar.
  • Various references to Musashi and Kenzan! itself can be found in later Yakuza games.
    • Four journals of Musashi's can be found in Yakuza 3 & 4 to obtain six of Musashi's Heat Actions for Kiryu.
    • A wooden statue of Musashi doing his dual-sword pose can be bought from the pawn shop in Yakuza 4 by Saejima to give him access to three of the six Kenzan! Heat Actions Kiryu can use.
    • Multiple swords from Kenzan make their way into Yakuza 3, including dual-swords being moddable over Kali Sticks.
    • Musashi's wooden swords and Baiken's sickle are both craftable weapons in Yakuza 0, and buyable weapons in Kiwami 1.

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