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Miyoshino is a gyoza curry restaurant located in Tsukimino, Sapporo in Yakuza 5.


Yakuza 5[]

Image Name (¥) XP Ability Description
Y5 FD Miyo Gyoza.png
Gyoza 200 20
Y5 FD Ability Spr.png
A juicy filling of vegetables and meat is wrapped in aged dough wrappers and fried to a nice crisp. Eat them piping hot.
Y5 FD Miyo GyoMeal.png
Gyoza Meal 430 43
Y5 FD Ability Spr.png
Piping hot gyoza with white rice. This hit menu item also comes with miso soup and all-you-can-eat freshly pickled vegetables.
Y5 FD Miyo Jumbo.png
Jumbo Meal 730 73
Y5 FD Ability Spr.png
Eighteen gyoza, a large bowl of rice, and miso soup. Guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest of appetites.
Y5 FD Miyo Curry.png
Curry 300 30
Y5 FD Ability Str.png
Miyoshino's rich and slightly spicy curry is made with fresh vegetables and thinly sliced meat for that homemade flavor people love.
Y5 FD Miyo Shrimp.png
Fried Shrimp Curry 430 43
Y5 FD Ability Str.png
Curry topped with three crispy fried shrimp. This one's quite popular with the ladies.
Y5 FD Miyo GyoCur.png
Gyoza Curry 380 38
Y5 FD Ability Str.png
Our famous curry topped with our house-special gyoza. This old favourite has been available since we first opened in 1977.
Y5 FD Miyo Cheese.png
Cheese Curry 380 38
Y5 FD Ability Str.png
Our famous curry topped with shredded cheese. The richness of the curry goes perfectly with the mellowness of the cheese.
Y5 FD Miyo Cutlet.png
Fried Pork Cutlet Curry 480 48
Y5 FD Ability Str.png
Who doesn't like a big old plate of curry rice with a handmade, crispy fried cutlet at a reasonable price?
Y5 FD Miyo XL.png
Miyoshino Extra Large Curry 580 58
Y5 FD Ability Str.png
An extra-large serving of curry rice topped with six gyoza and a soft-boiled egg. A great choice for those with a big appetite.
Y5 FD Miyo Set.png
Miyoshino Set 470 47
Y5 FD Ability Str.png
Our number one menu item comes with gyoza, curry, and freshly pickled vegetables. Eat the gyoza as a topping or on the side.
Y5 FD Miyo Saus.png
Homemade Arabiki Sausage Curry 480 48
Y5 FD Ability Str.png
This big dish comes with curry rice topped with one long, juicy, handmade sausage packed with coarsely ground meat.


  • Miyoshino is one of a number of real-life restaurants that feature in the Yakuza series.
  • The interior is made up of pre-rendered background sprites.