Miyu Shiraboshi is a hostess at JeweL, Kamurocho in the Yakuza 3 remaster.


Miyu has medium-length hair in a bob haircut and wears a yellow evening dress.


Background Edit

Miyu was previously married, having had a son with her ex-husband.

Dialogue TreeEdit

"I even hide it from the club, but maybe it would be better if I was more open about being divorced." It should be fine, right?
Let's keep it between us.
You should wait for the right time. +Hostess Heart Half
"Honestly! I just want to hug him tight all day long! ❤️" Hug me, too. -Hostess Heart Quarter
Wouldn't you rather be hugged?
I'm jealous of him.



Icon Name Reaction
Y4fruitplatter Fruit Platter +Hostess Heart Half
Y4chickenbasket Chicken Basket
Y4vegetablesticks Vegetable Sticks
Y4driedrayfin Dried Ray Fin
Y4chocolate Chocolate
Y4pickledvegetables Pickled Vegetables


Icon Name Reaction
Y4goldchampagne Gold Champagne +Hostess Heart Full
Y4blackchampagne Black Champagne
Y4rosechampagne Rose Champagne
Y4whitechampagne White Champagne
Y4yamazaki12 Yamazaki 12 Years
Y4premiummalts Beer
Y4cassisandorange Cassis & Orange
Y4orangejuice Orange Juice
Y4kyogetsugreen Kyogetsu Green



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