Not to be confused with Mizuki Sawamura

Mizuki (美月) is a minor recurring character in the Yakuza series first introduced in the original Yakuza. Her boyfriend - and as of Yakuza 3, fiancé - Akimoto appears alongside her in all of her appearances.


Mizuki is a manipulative person, able to sweet-talk Akimoto into buying her expensive gifts, then talking her way out of trouble when Akimoto starts to suspect that he is being lied to.


Mizuki has shoulder-length hair dyed brown and wears a lot of makeup. She wears a puffy coat over her hostess outfit of a lace-bordered silk blouse and skirt. In Yakuza 3, she is seen wearing a white bikini, as well as her usual hostess outfit without the coat.

Yakuza/Yakuza KiwamiEdit

Mizuki appears in the substory "Man on a Ledge." Kiryu and Haruka go to help Akimoto, who is threatening to jump off a building. Haruka had overheard him say the name "Mizuki" and thought he might have been referring to her mother Mizuki Sawamura.

Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2Edit

In the substory "Rooftop Revenge," Kiryu and Haruka once again come to the aid of Akimoto and Mizuki, when on another rooftop Akimoto is threatening Mizuki with a knife due to suspecting her of gold-digging.


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