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Mrs. Odagiri is a member of the anti-yakuza vigilante group known as The Reapers, whom Kazuma Kiryu faces off against during the Hitman sidestory in Yakuza 3.


Mrs. Odagiri was once an assassin for an unspecified Tojo Clan family along with his partner, Mr. Odagiri. The duo had a particular means of carrying out hits: Mrs. Odagiri would dress up like a woman and pretend to be Mr. Odagiri's wife, since the duo found that pretending to be a couple helped them get close to their targets unnoticed. This method made them surprisingly effective killers but, despite this, they were constantly ridiculed and belittled amongst their peers since, according to them, "yakuza don't wear skirts".

Eventually, Mr. and Mrs. Odagiri were approached by the Reapers' leaders, who offered them a position within their organization, paying them much better rates to assassinate the yakuza who once made fun of them. The assassins gladly accepted the deal and defected from their family to join the vigilantes.

Yakuza 3[]

After he joins forces with Ibuki and the Honest Living Association, Kiryu is sent to find Mr. and Mrs. Odagiri and convince them to leave the Reapers.

Kiryu tracks down the pair to Mach Bowl, where he observes them talking nonchalantly next to the bowling lanes. Eventually, the pair split up and Kiryu follows Mrs. Odagiri only to see her enter the bowling alley's men's room. Minutes later, Mrs. Odagiri emerges out of drag but carrying the same handbag that he had when he'd come in, making Kiryu realize that Mrs. Odagiri was a man in drag all along.

Kiryu confronts the two assassins when they meet up outside the men's room and, when they realize that he's onto their disguise trick, they attack him to silence him. Despite the fact that Mr. Odagiri uses a shotgun and Mrs. Odagiri uses a pair of pistols, Kiryu still defeats them both barehanded.

After their ruse is exposed, Kiryu manages to convince both men to leave the Reapers and join the HLA to find legal work. As a reward for convincing the hitmen to leave behind their lives of crime, Kiryu is paid 90,000 yen.


  • Mrs. Odagiri's real name is never revealed in the game, since he is referred exclusively by his alias.