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Nagasugai (永洲街) is a district located in Fukuoka, Kyushu in Yakuza 5. It is based on the real-life district of Nakasu in Fukuoka's Hakata ward.

Nagasugai's east and west boundaries are formed by the Nagasugawa and Chikuzengawa rivers, which are based on the real-life Nakagawa and Hakatagawa rivers. The Ose bridge is based on the real-life pedestrian bridge that stretches over the Nakagawa river from Nakasu.

History[edit | edit source]

Kazuma Kiryu changed his identity and came to live in Nagasugai in 2011 to prevent his yakuza image from affecting Haruka Sawamura's shot at becoming an idol. Under the new alias Taichi Suzuki, Kiryu found work as a taxi driver at Nagasu Taxi.

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