Nakanowatari is a minor antagonist featured in Yakuza 4.


In 2010, when Ueno Seiwa Clan captain Isao Katsuragi agrees to meet with Kazuma Kiryu atop Kamurocho Hills to negotiate for the release of his captives, the siblings Taiga and Yasuko Saejima, he decides to reduce the chances that Kiryu will beat him up when he arrives to the meeting. In order to do so, he orders all the men of the Ueno Seiwa Clan that he has available at the time to go to Kamurocho Hills and attack Kiryu as he makes his way up, in order to tire him as much as possible before the confrontation.

Nakanowatari is the second of the Ueno Seiwa lieutenants that Kiryu encounters as he fights his way up the building. Nakanowatari and his goons await Kiryu at the shopping mall's entrance vestibule, where they pose as mannequins to ambush him, though Kiryu sees through the ruse. Despite the element of surprise, Nakanowatari and his crew are beaten. The lieutenant attacks Kiryu once again in the second floor of the shopping center, at a Le Marche store still being built. Here he is accompanied by two larger mooks who aid him in combat, but they are not enough to stop Kiryu from advancing and all three are defeated.

Kiryu comes across Nakanowatari one final time in the penultimate floor of the building. There, all four lieutenants of the Clan gather to fight Kiryu together. Despite their combined efforts, they are beaten once again and Kiryu proceeds to confront Katsuragi.

Combat StyleEdit

Nakanowatari fights using a baton as a weapon and his fighting style is based around it. He swings the baton slowly but his attacks cannot be interrupted mid-swing. When Kiryu puts distance between himself and Nakanowatari, he will run after him and perform a leaping attack where jumps forward and strikes with the baton in mid-air.

When attacked, he blocks frequently using the baton and, if a finisher is attempted against him at he end of a combo, he will interrupt it with a quick baton strike that can knock Kiryu down with ease.

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