Serena (セレナ), known as New Serena (ニューセレナ nyū serena) from Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2 onwards, is a bar located on Tenkaichi Street in Kamurocho. It commonly serves as a safe haven for Kazuma Kiryu and his friends, with its back room acting as a hideout.


Serena was established (or purchased) by Reina sometime in or before 1988. Kazuma Kiryu and Akira "Nishiki" Nishikiyama became regulars after joining the Tojo Clan and moving to Kamurocho.

Yakuza 0Edit

Serena is the scene of a boss fight between Goro Majima and Nishiki.

Like a Dragon: PrologueEdit

In Like a Dragon: Prologue in 1990, Kiryu's and Nishiki's childhood friend Yumi Sawamura becomes a hostess at Serena.

Yakuza/Yakuza KiwamiEdit

Kiryu, Nishiki, and Yumi continue to patronize Serena regularly. This all changes on the night of October 1, 1995, when Sohei Dojima is killed by Nishiki. This causes Yumi to lose her memory and Kiryu to take the fall and go to prison. Ten years later, after Kiryu's release, he comes back to Serena to look for Yumi, not knowing that Reina is secretly in cahoots with Nishiki to find Kiryu.

Yakuza 2Edit

During the events of Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2 Serena is shown to be abandoned. Kiryu uses it as a hideout, using it to care for an injured Kaoru Sayama.

Yakuza 3Edit

The bar is bought and reopened under the name New Serena by an unnamed woman (given the name "Mariko" in the original English-language release on PlayStation 3).

Yakuza 4Edit

Makoto Date lends a helping hand, as the owner was absent to attend to her family. A space two floors above in the same building serves as the office of Sky Finance, a credit company owned by Shun Akiyama.

Yakuza 5Edit

New Serena briefly serves as the main protagonists' base of operations, similar to Yakuza 4. Just prior to the finale, as well as in Premium Adventure, the four inactive protagonists will be in the bar. Each one can be switched to by interacting with them.

Yakuza 6Edit

New Serena is still shown to be under Mariko's ownership.

Yakuza: Dead SoulsEdit

During the zombie outbreak, Akiyama brings a feverish Hana here to rest. When he returns, the bar has been ransacked and Hana kidnapped.


  • In a number of Yakuza games, Serena serves as the location that the game's finale is launched from.
  • When photos are taken from within Serena in Yakuza 6, there is a chance that an image of Nishikiyama as a ghost will appear in them.


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