Noa is a classic ballet instructor as well as a hostess at Club Jewel in Yakuza 4. She can only be requested by Akiyama.



Yakuza 4Edit

"Noa-chan is cheerful and friendly. Talking to her is like talking to a good friend, even if you've only just met. She's a little ditzy at times, but I think you'll find it charming—especially when she doesn't realize she's being ditzy! She's 21, an Aquarius, and her blood type's B! She loves to eat anything fried but hates bitter vegetables. Hehehe... Once you get a taste of Noa-chan's cheery personality, you won't be able to stop coming back for more!"



Icon Name Reaction
Y4fruitplatter Fruit Platter
Y4chickenbasket Chicken Basket
Y4vegetablesticks Vegetable Sticks
Y4driedrayfin Dried Ray Fin
Y4chocolate Chocolate
Y4pickledvegetables Pickled Vegetables


Icon Name Reaction
Y4goldchampagne Gold Champagne
Y4blackchampagne Black Champagne
Y4rosechampagne Rose Champagne
Y4whitechampagne White Champagne
Y4yamazaki12 Yamazaki 12 Years
Y4premiummalts Beer
Y4cassisandorange Cassis & Orange
Y4orangejuice Orange Juice
Y4kyogetsugreen Kyogetsu Green


Dialogue TreeEdit

There's just something about you that seems different. I can't put my finger on it... It's probably because I enjoy my work.
Do you like hardworking men?
You're just saying that.
No. That's why I'm so scared. Try hanging men's underwear on your clothesline.
It must be tough to be such a popular girl.
Actually, I'm the one who's been stalking you.
Yep! I don't mind going to fast food places at all. As long as it tastes good, I'm happy. You sound like a guy.
They just enjoy talking to each other like that.
Oh, I know what you mean.
Guys like to brag about their friends, too. That doesn't even have anything to do with them! That is annoying.
They're just trying to impress you.
If it's true, what else can they do?
I just sort of try to put out this aura that says "I love you!" Then I wait for them to come to me. That's not fair.
Can you try doing it for me now?
Does that really work?
He wouldn't give up, either! The train was packed, too. It was so embarrassing. I bet he was Italian.
He might've thought you were interested in him.
That's quite an interesting experience.
Oh, I guess. I've been dancing for sixteen years. That's a long time.
Can you dance a little bit for me?
Do you want to do it professionally?
Yeah, well, they were private races. He wasn't a professional. You'd probably be an expensive girlfriend.
Were you just pretending to like it?
Do you like to drive fast yourself?
Yep. What about you? Do you play video games? Not really.
You know, love is like a game.
I'm pretty good at the game of finance.
Let's see... Strawberry shortcake, chestnut cream and chocolate. I kept eating those three over and over! That seems a little boring.
Invite me the next time you go.
Don't you gain weight eating like that?
Well... I told him that I usually go straight home after work. And he said, "You're lying! I know it!" What a creep.
Are you going to tell the police?
Just leave him be.
H-He does? You have to watch who you're talking to.
You shouldn't touch your customers.
You have to get rid of that habit.
Um... I don't want to tell the other girls about this. Don't you have any friends here?
I could be your escort.
Do you want me to talk to the girls for you?
Oh, fine. I guess I like guys who work hard, drive fast... ...and treat me well. So they have to be rich?
You really like cars, don't you?
That last one's pretty obvious, don't you think?
Play some video games at home, too. And then dinner! Oh, and I wouldn't mind going to a race! They don't have races that often.
Doesn't really sound like a date.
I don't think we have the same tastes.
Yep! Every time I go to a race, I think of how much fun it would be. They do add something to the race, don't they?
Maybe you could dress up like one here.
Wouldn't that be embarrassing?
Oh, I thought it was hilarious! I mean, I'm a hundred times better-looking with makeup?! So, you look pretty terrible without makeup, eh?
Kids are so innocent.
What do you do to look a hundred times better?
Well, my friend went out on a date, and the guy showed up wearing a jean jacket and blue jeans. Can you believe that?! That's a little much.
What's wrong with that?
That was the style back in the day.
Then this customer said, "Cooking is an elegant balance of technique and sensitivity! You can't learn that from reading a book!" He must have a short temper.
Why'd he get so mad about something like that?
I think he's right.
I couldn't follow what he was saying. Something about "credit default swaps"? I had no idea what he was talking about! Most people don't know about that kind of thing.
What a jerk.
Do you read much?
Ugh... I don't know what to do. Well, you're certainly popular.
Things are getting interesting.
I don't think he'll be the last, either.
It was my fault, right? I must've led him on. Men and women can't be friends.
You have to be careful.
It's not your fault.
I'm starting to get scared. What should I do? He needs to be taught a lesson.
You'll just have to move.
Let's just see what happens.
"Hmm"? That's all? I think you'd come to places like this even if you did have a girlfriend. Of course.
No way.
It depends.
What?! Um... Okay... what do you think of... girls like me? I don't dislike them.
I can't say in front of you.
Why can't you just come out and say it?
A bit. A customer took me out for some tempura and I don't think it agreed with me. Maybe the oil was bad.
You're too used to the cheap stuff.
You shouldn't go out with other customers.
It's kinda sad going to a movie with your big sister on your eighteenth birthday. You don't mind going?
Why don't you introduce him to a girl?
It's a bit weird, too.
All the fun and interesting stuff they do. I'm really going to miss them... You'll see them again.
They might forget you sooner than you think.
You have to say goodbye sooner or later.
I've never seen him before. He was just a normal businessman. You must've been wearing some unusual clothes.
Is that a new way to pick up girls?
I guess you did it again.
Oh well, I can't fight it. I've had other cakes, but the flavor's always too complex. I like simple things best. That's good news for guys who want to date you.
Don't you get tired of eating the same thing?
Have you ever tried baking a cake yourself?
Wait, really?! You'd stop helping me? You shouldn't joke around about it.
I was only kidding.
Uh, you're touching me again.

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