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Okabe is a minor antagonist featured in Yakuza 0.


In 1988, Okabe is a sergeant for the Dojima Family and captain of its subsidiary, the Taihei Association.

At the behest of a client, Ex-Dojima member Kazuma Kiryu and Jun Oda of the Tachibana Real Estate Agency convince a squatter in the Sugita Building into vacating without being paid after they beat up the yakuza who were using him to blackmail the apartment's owner into paying him off. As it turns out, Okabe was the yakuza who'd overseen the blackmail scheme and; as punishment for its failure, Taihei Patriarch and Dojima Lieutenant Hiroki Awano made him cut off part of his pinkie in atonement.

Okabe tracks down Oda and beats him up while he's alone, forcing him to tell him where Kiryu is. Once he's given up Kiryu's location, Okabe, along with Awano and several other Taihei thugs, travel to Bar Serena to confront Kiryu. Awano forces Kiryu to fight Okabe and many of his men, whom Kiryu dispatches without too much effort. Impressed, Awano gives Kiryu a chance to save himself by turning in Oda's boss, Tetsu Tachibana, before dawn of the next day.

When the deadline comes and Kiryu does not comply, Awano sends scores of his men to search Kamurocho and capture Kiryu; forcing him to fight his way through the neighborhood's streets to avoid being taken. Okabe is amongst the Taihei goons whom Kiryu fights in order to avoid capture.