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Onomichi (尾道), also known as Jingaicho[a] (仁涯町, Jingai-chō), is a location introduced to the Yakuza series in Yakuza 6 as the game's main setting. It is based on the real-life district of Shingai located in the downtown area of the Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.


Onomichi was a key location for Naval shipbuilding in Japan during the second world war. After the atomic bomb was dropped on nearby Hiroshima, Onomichi fell into decline, leading to a large organized crime presence in the city.

Yakuza 6[]

Kiryu visits Onomichi after finding out that Haruka had taken a photo of herself here before the hit-and-run accident that had caused her to fall into a comatose state. It is home to the Yomei Alliance and the Iwami shipbuilding company, whose president and founder is centenarian Heizo Iwami, later run by his son Tsuneo.

Kiryu acts as the town's mascot Ono Michio, as well as helping revitalize the local Setouchi Warriors baseball team.

Notable Locations[]


  • Hilltop Path
  • Ryunan Shrine Alley
  • Ryunan Shrine Stairway
  • First Hill
  • Second Hill
  • Cemetary Lane
  • National Route 2
  • Shops Alley
  • Central Shopping District
  • Jingai Main Street
  • Hana-no-kubo
  • Shishido Street

The following, despite them not being streets, are listed as such on the game's map:

  • Ropeway Station
  • Pedestrian Footbridge
  • Jingai Ferry Dock


  • While the name Jingaicho is not used in the English version of Yakuza 6, Jingai Main Street and Jingai Ferry Dock both retain their names.
  • In Lost Judgment, advertisements for Onomichi can be seen in a train.



  1. While the Western release of Yakuza 6 labels the location as Onomichi, the playable area is comprised of a district within Onomichi called Onomichi Jingaicho or simply Jingaicho in the Japanese version of the game.