Onomichi (尾道市 onomichi-shi) is a real-life town in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan that appears in Yakuza 6. Across the inland sea to the south is the island of Shikoku, where Sakamoto Ryoma's home town Tosa is located in Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin!.


Onomichi was a key location for Naval shipbuilding in Japan during the second world war. After the atomic bomb was dropped on nearby Hiroshima, Onomichi fell into decline, leading to a large organized crime presence in the city.

Yakuza 6

Kiryu visits Onomichi after finding out that Haruka had taken a photo of herself here shortly the hit-and-run accident that had caused her to fall into a comatose state. It is home to the Yomei Alliance and the Iwami shipbuilding company, whose president and founder is centenarian Heizo Iwami, later run by his son Tsuneo.

Kiryu acts as the town's mascot Ono Michio, as well as helping revitalize the local Setouchi Warriors baseball team.

Notable Locations



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