Otoya Shijima is a minor character in Judgment. He is a singer known by his alter-ego Bram-sama.


In his role as Bram-sama, he dresses up as a vampire.


Normally, Shijima appears to be a laid-back, uncaring individual. This belies his extremely good skill at playing Bram-sama.

Background Edit

Before becoming a singer, Shijima used to be a member of a motorcycle gang. He used to partake in criminal activities such as dangerous driving and theft. As it happened more than a decade before Judgment however, it is beyond the statute of limitations.


Shijima appears in the side case "Interview With a Detective". In this side case, Takayuki Yagami has to dress up as Bram-sama to distract the media whilst the real Bram-sama goes to the stage. The media see him, and a runaway sequence ensues. When reporters catch up to him, Yagami is bombarded with questions about Shijima's motorcycle gang past. Yagami panics and agrees to help clean up the streets in penance for what he did in his youth.
Later on, a friendship event with Ko Hattori sees Yagami take a photo of Bram-sama whilst he is performing his litter-picking duty.



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