The Pleasure King is an antagonist featured in the Real Estate Royale sidestory of Yakuza 0.


The Pleasure King is a member of the Five Billionaires; the cabal of unscrupulous real estate moguls that controlled most businesses in Kamurocho during the 1980's. He controlled the area around Pink Street and specialized in adult entertainment, owning several brothels, soaplands, massage parlors and sex shops in that vicinity.

Yakuza 0Edit

The Pleasure King was one of the Billionaires that Kazuma Kiryu could take on after the Leisure King was defeated.

Once Kiryu acquired 60% of the Pleasure King's businesses, the Billionaire called Kiryu to the Teltel Boys Club. There, he challenged Kiryu to a date contest, where he'd have to score a date with a woman via the telephone club within a certain time limit. If he succeeded, Kiryu would get 10% of the Pleasure King's holdings or he would lose 10% of his own if he failed. Once the contest finished, it was revealed that the woman whom Kiryu had spoken to during the challenge was the Pleasure King putting on a high-pitched voice. Regardless of whether Kiryu wins or loses, the Pleasure King sicked his personal bodyguard, Jaguar, on the ex-yakuza.

Once Kiryu acquired 90% of the Pleasure King's holdings, the Billionaire confronted Kiryu on Pink Street and, along with a couple of his submissives and Jaguar, attacked him. Despite their best efforts, Kiryu wound up beating them all.

By this point , the Pleasure King had become enamored with Kiryu, so he asked that he and Jaguar be allowed to join his company, so he could continue seeing him. Kiryu turned down the Pleasure King's romantic advances but agreed to let him work at his company as an advisor and to let Jaguar become part of his security team.


The Pleasure King is a seductive drag queen, who constantly flirts with men around him. Based on his lack of interest in women and his explicit interest in men he considers "masculine", it can be inferred that the Pleasure King is gay. He also seems to be a domme, as he has his bodyguards dressed in leather and kowtowing at his feet whenever Kiryu confronts him on Pink Street.

Just like all the other Billionaires, the Pleasure King is driven by an insatiable pursuit of wealth and will frequently resort to violence when his fortune is threatened.

Fighting StyleEdit

The Pleasure King's fighting style is similar to Kiryu's "Beast" style, employing wide, powerful swings of his arms and charged punches in most of his attacks. If distance is placed between himself and Kiryu, the Pleasure King will perform a charge attack where he either delivers a shoulder slam or a bear hug.

The Pleasure King dodges infrequently but blocks often and most of his attacks make him unflinchable; meaning his combos are difficult to interrupt.

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