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Prologue (Yakuza 6) is the prologue of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.


The prologue begins with Kiryu drinking at the bar and being challenged to a fight by Tsuyoshi Nagumo. After the fight, Kiryu returns to the bar and prepares a bottle for the baby.

A cut scene reveals that four years earlier, Haruka decided to leave singing to join up with Kiryu and be with her family. Haruka discovers Kiryu nearly bleeding out. Akiyama visits and reveals that Kiryu's condition will improve in a few weeks. Outside of Kiryu's room, the cops arrest Taiga Saejima. They also mention that there are there to arrest Kiryu. Date tells the group that Kiryu should be able to avoid jail time depending on how he acts.

Next, there is a sequence that takes place in Kiryu's coma. The coma features every prominent person that Kiryu knows and gives a brief description of their interactions. Proceed to make your way into the light.

Upon awakening, you are greeted by Daigo Dojima who is waiting by your beside. The two decided to get some fresh air outside of the hospital where Daigo discusses the possibility of Kiryu going to jail. Kiryu makes the decision to go and serve the time for his crimes so that Haruka and the other members of the Morning Glory Orphanage can have pride in him.

Haruka visits Kiryu in jail and he explains to her that he will make parole in three years. Haruka reveals how meaningful her relationship with Kiryu truly is.

At Morning Glory, we see that Haruka is doing her best to keep things going and that the kids there are doing their best to flourish and make the best of their situation. However, on the beach it is revealed that Morning Glory is seen as a yakuza save point and that they know Haruka is in town. Haruka attempts to leave in the middle of the night, but is confronted by Ayako.

In Kamurocho, it is revealed that a huge set of fires is spreading completely through Little Asia. A group of mysterious men celebrate this destruction as they reveal that it will help bring about their prosperity.


  • Defeat Nagumo


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