Pure Love In Kamurocho, also known as Kamuro Junrenka, is a karaoke song appearing in Yakuza 4 and Yakuza: Dead Souls. It is a duet sung by the following couples:

Romaji LyricsEdit

The lyrics in blue are for the protagonist's part.
The lyrics in pink are for the partner's part.

The lyrics in black are both together.

aa shinjinai
onna wa ura ga aru
konya mo baramaku
shimei no kazu no aijou

asobi deshou
otoko wa
kimagure ne

dakedo naze darou
kono hito dake wa chigau
sou omoeta

neon gai ga futari terasu
unmei sae shinjirareru
honne sa
ja nai
koi wa tomaranai

toki ni warai
toki ni mayoi
toki ni nayami
tomo ni tsumugu

anata to
omae no
kamurocho koi no sutoorii

(ore no kodoku na kokoro ni saita)
(ichirin no omae to iu na no setsugekka)
(neon mabushii Kamurocho)
(futari tsumida kono uta wo)
("kamuro junrenka" to nazukeyou)

English Translated LyricsEdit

a~ah i don't believe it
this woman has a hidden side
and tonight i'll drown her in riches
to earn my way into her heart

is he playing around?
i don't believe it
this man
can be so fickle

but why then
when i'm with you
does it feel so different?

neon city lights shine on the two of us
might it be fate?
is it for show?
no, it's real
is it a lie?
it's not
love cannot be stopped

sometimes we laugh
sometimes we lose our way
sometimes we worry together
spinning our tale

with you, dear
and you, my love
our Kamurocho love story

(in my lonely heart bloomed)
(you, a solitary, beautiful flower)
(dazzling neon Kamurocho)
(this tale we've spun together)
(let's call it "pure love in Kamurocho")

(Translated lyrics by Foxxick)

Singable English LyricsEdit

Ah, I can't believe it
My love she has a darker side
She'll spread her wings, into the night
Clinging to any man that she can see

This must be a mistake, I can't believe it
My love he has another baby

So now it's time to move on
I've found a brand new someone, this time
Things'll be different

The neon city shines, upon our rendezvous
Weaving a destiny, for only me and you
Is this a lie?
Truer than true
Some kind of joke?
Not funny
Our love is never gonna end

Together smiling, together wandering
Together worrying, together through it all

Will you be mine?
Yours forever
Kamurocho's purest love story

(The flower growing in my lonely heart)
(blossoms in your light.)
(This neon city shines,)
(bright as our love.)
(Now together let's write Kamurocho's purest love song.)


Sound FilesEdit


  • There is a discrepancy between the words sung vs the lyrics on-screen in the Japanese version; instead of "onna" (おんな), meaning "woman", the kanji 嬢 is shown, specifically referring to a "hostess". This is repeated again in the hostess' part where she sings "otoko" (おとこ), meaning "man", and the kanji 客 is shown, meaning "customer".
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