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Red Knife (more popularly known as RK) is a Kamurocho-based gang featured in Lost Judgment.


SPOILER WARNING: Major plot details for Lost Judgment follow. (Skip)

RK was founded by Kazuki Soma, an undercover agent for the National Police Agency's Public Security Division and former executive candidate of the Tojo Clan's Nikkyo Consortium, shortly after the dissolution of the Tojo Clan in 2019. Soma and the NPA's purpose for the gang was two-fold: To keep organized crime in Kamurocho under control by centralizing it through a gang under police control and to provide a way to easily monitor the city's criminals. To guarantee the gang's success, Soma's handler in the NPA, Hidemi Bando, provided Soma with ample funds that he could use to entice former Tojo members to join RK by promising first-rate pay. The group was also given a Western-sounding name to distance it from yakuza traditionalism, something meant to attract the youngest former Tojo soldiers who'd become disillusioned with the yakuza after their clan collapsed. The name Red Knife itself was an allusion to Soma's weapon of choice when killing male victims.

By 2021, RK became the largest and most infamous gang in Kamurocho's criminal underworld. RK proper had only around a hundred members, whose membership was ranked on a tier-based system, from S-Tier to F-Tier, much like characters would be ranked in fighting video games but while regular goons start with F, the ex-Tojo start with B. Ranked members of the gang would be paid for every job they performed or racket they ran by getting a percentage of the job's earnings. On top of those hundred members, the gang also had several hundred more "freelancers", who would be brought in to work occasional jobs at a fixed rate.

Unlike the Tojo and Omi, RK have no moral scruples or honor in their operations, consisting mainly of the worst of the worst by even the Japanese underworld standards as their members casually resort to violence and enjoy a deal of oversight from the Public Security Bureau and considers civilians fair game.

Lost Judgment[]


Notable Members[]

  • Kazuki Soma - Leader
  • Daimu Akutsu - Chief of Headquarters
  • Kaneda - Member
  • Chiba - Member
  • Ishikawa - Member
  • Kaneko - Member