Oh, it's you, Kiryu. So you're still alive, are you?
— Hasegawa to Kiryu

Reiko Hasegawa is a researcher in Yakuza: Dead Souls who gives the player side missions to complete. She also gives the player a number of challenges in exchange for points that can be exchanged for items in her shop. She is situated in Café Alps in Kamurocho.


Hasegawa has short brown hair with a large fringe on the left side. She has a large hoop-shaped earring in her right ear. She wears a white lab coat over a black corset, leather skirt and knee-length high-heeled boots.

Background Edit

Hasegawa is first met by Shun Akiyama in the Theater Underground , floor B1, where she explains that she is researching the zombies so that she can understand their behaviour and find a way to stop them. To this end, she explains that she requires a number of tasks be completed to better research the subjects. This starts the relationship between her and the player characters.


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