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"Come on, Yagami-san. You and I know fighting's the only thing that keeps the world spinnin'. Right?"

— Honda to Takayuki Yagami, Judgment

Renji Honda is one of the Keihin Gang's four leaders in Judgment.


Honda is a large man with a wide, heavily muscular build. He has a black moustache and medium-length hair dyed reddish-brown along with his eyebrows. He wears a black vest and a pair of green camouflage trousers. He wears a pair of fingerless gloves.


Honda appears to live to fight, relishing the challenge of taking on a strong fighter like Takayuki Yagami. He only fears going to prison because he would not be able to fight Yagami on the inside.



Honda first appears at the beginning of Chapter 5, when Kim is threatened a second time by the Keihin Gang. Honda starts talking to Takayuki Yagami. One of the gang members tells him to stop talking and start fighting Yagami, but Honda punches him down, saying that he does not want to "dogpile" Yagami, preferring the challenge of a one-on-one fight. Later on, during Kazufumi Kamaguchi's friendship quest, Yagami must find and defeat Honda whilst the Threat Gauge is active to force Honda to give Kamaguchi back the 800,000 yen he owes to his money-lending business.