Rie Tomioka (富岡 理恵 Tomioka Rie) is a character in Judgment. She is the owner of Building One, the building that the Yagami Detective Agency is located in.


Takayuki Yagami's first case after quitting his job as a defense lawyer was finding Tomioka's lost dog, though somehow the case turned into rescuing it from a drug trade. No details are given about how the case was resolved, though this led to Yagami being given his office space for a decreased price.


Tomioka first confronts Takayuki Yagami about his overdue rent, and proceeds to ask him to taste-test her meals in exchange for waiting on his rent money yet again. She delivers him several experimental dishes, and he gives her feedback via text. Most of them are awful, but she takes the advice and her dishes steadily improve.


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