"To me, you're the boss!"
—Rikiya to Kiryu

Rikiya Shimabukuro (島袋 力也, Shimabukuro Rikiya) was a lieutenant of Ryudo Family, a yakuza family in Okinawa.

Yakuza 3 Edit

A member of the Ryudo Family, Rikiya, 25, is Nakahara's senior henchman, who has a fierce love of Okinawa. His self-proclaimed nickname, Initially hostile towards Kiryu, he gradually came to respect him and refer to him as "brother".

Rikiya was kidnapped by Lau Ka Long's men and almost killed, but was saved by Joji Kazama.

After returning to Okinawa, and after the orphanage was destroyed, he took a bullet meant for Kiryu while rescuing Nakahara. He then died in Kiryu's arms, after which Kiryu cried.

Appearance Edit

"Bare-Handed Viper" (ステゴロのハブ, Sutegoro no Habu) comes from the pit viper tattoo on his back.

He wears a white and orange floral shirt with a pair of black dress pants and a pair of shoes. When traveling to Kamurocho, he wears a black pinstriped jacket over it.

Personality Edit

While being initially hostile to Kiryu, he's actually a good person and a loyal ally. Compared to Kiryu, Mikio, and Nakahara, he has a considerably fiery temper.

It also appears that he has a great appetite, especially apparent when he travels to Kamurocho where he orders large amounts of food and drink at a local Korean restaurant, much to Kiryu's concern.

Fighting Style Edit

His fighting moves mainly consist of evasion, precise punches, and jump kicks.

Etymology Edit

  • The family name Shimabukuro is common in Okinawa. It is strongly associated with the Yamato people, whose culture differs historically from that of the rest of Japan.

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Trivia Edit

  • He has an affinity for yakiniku.
  • His tattoo symbolizes his love for Okinawa, as pit vipers are associated with Okinawa.
  • Rikiya's voice actor later returned to the series, voicing another character.