Rio is a hostess working at Club Shine, featured in Yakuza 4. She can only be requested by Shun Akiyama.

Yakuza 4Edit

Rio is a 23-year-old hostess who works at Shine, a prominent hostess club in Kamurocho. She's half-Japanese, and aspires to be a pin-up model. Aside from her work as a hostess, she wants to write a column in a magazine. She also mentioned that she wants to be able to play guitar.

Earning 20 hearts with her will trigger a substory.


At work, she wears a white dress, two necklaces, a pair of star-shaped earrings, and a bracelet. Outside of work, she wears a cream trench coat and a pair of boots.




Name Reaction
Gold Champagne
Black Champagne
Rose Champagne Loves it
White Champagne
Yamazaki 12 Years
Cassis & Orange
Orange Juice
Kyogetsu Green
Chicken Basket


Dialogue TreeEdit

I decided I might like to try it, too. Before that though, I'd always been intrigued by the idea. So what do you think, now that you're doing it?
What about it interested you?
You're a little different from the other girls.
That's good for a start. Yes, I like that! Now let me think... "Leave it to Rio"
"Rio the Samba Queen"
"Rio's All-Night Carnival"
I doubt anyone else will buy him. And he's all alone now his sister's gone. You want a dog that looks like an old man?
Sounds like fate. You should buy him.
Do you really want a dog that nobody else wants?
Hmm... Seven, eight, nine... I think around ten, maybe just under that. Nothing wrong with showing a little skin.
Aren't you embarrassed?
You should dress up as a sexy bunny girl next.
Yes. I haven't had the time to practice as much as I should, but I can play a few things now A lot of people quit after a few weeks.
Isn't it hard to play with nails like that?
Why did you pick the guitar?
Yep! All right, then. Let's play!
How long have you been playing?
Isn't table tennis kind of lame?
Heh, I suppose you're right. Maybe I should go with you next time.
Hot springs are nice, aren't they?
I bet you look good in a yukata.
Sometimes he bounces both legs! One leg is bad enough, but two?! Come on! Both legs bouncing sounds annoying.
I sometimes do that myself.
Do you know why people do that?
It does. How much would you say you've recovered?
I sort of understand what you mean.
That's a positive way to look at things.
But that seems to be a rare trait. Do you notice things about other people?
Wouldn't that be kind of annoying?
I could never do that. I'm not very observant.
Maybe I just get bored too easily. I'm a jack of all trades and master of none. I'm the same way.
That's not good.
Don't worry about it. You're still young.
Yes! Exactly! The problem is your image.
I can think of worse problems.
That's too bad.
Yeah, they do. And, well... The photographer asked if I wanted to try it. What's so bad about that?
That doesn't seem like a good idea.
Not at all. Do you tend to black out when you drink?
That's impossible.
I bet you were embarrassed when you noticed.
She said I made a funny face, and couldn't help but laugh! She's sooo cute when she laughs. She's a really nice girl. I can't imagine you making weird faces.
You care for other girls here, don't you?
Show me the face you made.
I love it, but seems it doesn't love me! What's the big deal? It's just raw shrimp.
I thought you were talking about a man.
Are there other foods you can't eat?
And we probably wouldn't have eaten our lunches early every day, or run to the school store for fried chicken. I bet I'd like it there if I were a girl.
I wouldn't mind being a teacher there.
Wait, fried chicken at the school store?!
Yep. That relationship's over. Forget about it.
So basically, you don't like stupid men.
Maybe you need a masochistic boyfriend.
But he was really enjoying it! So, how do you eat ice cream cones? I take big bites.
I take my time and lick it.
I always throw away the cone.
Yes! That's not a bad thing.
Then you should make this decision on your own.
You could try something else.
We fought about it, then we didn't talk for about a year. She said she saw me in the magazine and apologized for how she'd treated me. That's good.
I wonder which photos she saw.
Sounds like being in the magazine was worth it.
I wouldn't mind trying it, but... I'm against it, personally.
It doesn't really matter what I say, does it?
If you're not sure, why don't you just try it?
Yes! He gets poo all over my apartment! The first thing I do when I get home is clean up after him. They say dogs resemble their masters.
But you sound like you're enjoying yourself.
It sounds like he could use better training.
I'm nitpicking everything my friends say... I know I'm being petty and spiteful, but I just can't help myself. You should try to be more understanding.
Your personality can't change that quickly.
You shouldn't worry too much about it.
I've always dreamt about running with my dogs on a white, sandy beach. Is that all?
You're only taking your dogs?
That seems really innocent. I like it.
Well, it was Placton something. You can't remember the first song you learned?
Can you sing and play at the same time?
I'd like to hear it sometime.
Yeah. How long did you run away for?
I can understand how you must've felt.
Your mom must've been worried about you.
Oh! Don't scare me like that. I like girls with pretty eyes.
I like girls with curves in the right places.
I'm looking at my type of girl right now.
So... How should I put this? Is it okay for me to fall in love with this person? This isn't really my kind of topic.
Is this a trap?
Of course it's okay!

Trivia Edit

  • She's voiced and modeled after a Japanese porn actress of the same name, who is half-Portuguese.
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