Riona (理緒奈) is a recurring character in the Yakuza series, first introduced in Yakuza 3. She is one of the residents of Morning Glory Orphanage.[1]


Riona has a knack for fashion and loves clothes. She initially appears to hold racial intolerances, but in reality this is simply a projection of the insecurities about her own skin.


Riona's parents were killed in a house fire that also scarred her arms, meaning that she tends to wear long-sleeved clothes even in the Okinawa heat.

Yakuza 3Edit

During Chapter 4, Riona's step-brother Mitsuo wants to go on a date with her, but she refuses, being far more interested in a date with her schoolfriend Okeda. In a conversation overheard by Kiryu, Riona then tells Haruka Sawamura that she does not want to be seen on a date with a black person. Kiryu thinks that this is unlike how he taught his kids to be, so decides to investigate. Kiryu finds Mitsuo looking upon Riona in front of the M Store on Ryukyu Boulevard. Here, a scene happens between Riona, Okeda, and two of their classmates, where they start mocking her for the burn scar on her arm. Outraged, Mitsuo punches Okeda to the ground, much to the displeasure of the other children, who say that it is the typical behaviour of orphans, before running off. Mitsuo comforts Riona, who asks why he is not concerned about her burn scar. Mitsuo, not knowing of the comment she had said to Haruka before, jokes that he already has the darkest skin of all the kids on Okinawa without even spending much time outside. In a mixture of guilt and solidarity, Riona breaks down and cries on his shoulder.

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  1. Known as Sunshine Orphanage in the original PlayStation 3 versions of Yakuza 3, 4, and 5.
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