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Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan! (龍が如く 見参!, lit. "Like a Dragon Arrives!") is a spin-off from the Yakuza series released for PlayStation 3 in Japan on March 6, 2008. This game is set in historical Kyoto, Japan during the Edo period in 1605. The story follows the parts of Miyamoto Musashi's life.


After being defeated by the Tokugawa clan at the historical Battle of Sekigahara, which took place on October 20, 1600. Miyamoto Musashi retired from his great swordsman life to become a modest bodyguard in Gion, Kyoto. Five years after the battle, a young girl named Haruka comes to Gion seeking a local hitman known as Kiryu Kazumanosuke, which is Miyamoto's new identity. After finding Kiryu, Haruka asks him to assassinate Miyamoto Musashi, unaware of who he is. Kiryu asks Haruka to give him one ryō to go on with the assassination. She does not, in which Kiryu refuses going on with the request. Desperate for money, Haruka becomes as servant in a brothel.